Tales of Vesperia

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    Tales of Vesperia is a Japanese Role-Playing Game and the first entry in the long-running "Tales of" franchise on seventh-generation consoles.

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    This game's flaws are few and easy to forgive. 3

    Introduction:Tales of Vesperia is the first in the long-running   'Tales'   series to appear on current-generation consoles. It's a Japanese role-playing game(abbreviated as JRPG), and was developed by   Namco Tales Studio . The game puts the player in the shoes of ex-knight Yuri Lowell, who sets out to retrieve an aqua blastia core -- a magic device that provides water -- that was stolen from the lower quarter of his home city. Vesperia features cel-shaded anime-style graphics and, like ...

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    Vesperia won't disappoint longtime fans of the series. 0

    As a huge fan of Tales of games, Vesperia hardly disappoints. It nails nearly everything I love about Tales games.  Colorful graphics, likable characters, fun dialog, and fast combat.  My only complaint are the weak dungeons, and skill micromanaging.  The dungeons felt really short and linear.  Micromanaging your skills was to tiresome, because you gain new skills way to quick, and you have to do it across 7 characters. If you've played any of the previous Tales of games, like Abyss or Symphonia...

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    More of the same but in the UK thats easy to look past. 1

    Over in my homeland, in the apparently, Great Britian theres a large shortage of entries from the Tales series available. With only around 3-4 out of its 10+ cast list the main critiscm of Vesperia being a tad too similair to the past games can safely be overlooked when the last console Tales game you played was 5 years ago with almighty Tales of Symphonia.Thats not to question Tales of Vesperia as an absolute beast of an RPG game, no matter which oddly shaped piece of land you've been raised in...

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    Tales of Vesperia Review 0

    As more and more RPG’s come along for the Xbox360, they keep getting better. Tales of Vesperia is no exception. This latest Tales game offers a very long story, great looking graphics, good narrative, and enough content to last about 60 hours. As the case with all Tales games, Vesperia has a long story that involves the world being in danger. The main role is accompanied by Yuri Lowell, an ex-Imperial Knight who lives by doing only what he wants. When the blastia core (magical devices) of the lo...

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    Great game that no rpg fan should pass up. 0

    Tales of Vesperia is a wonderful action-rpg about Yuri, a teenager from the poor side of the capital city.  His quest starts simple:  obtaining a crystal that powers the local water supply from a thief who stole it.  The story slowly gathers speed and builds into a fight for the survival of the world and mankind itself.StoryThe story starts a little slow but you should have a problem as the main character seems intriguing, albeit the stereotypical archetype of the brooding protagonist.  You'll g...

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    A fascinating moral dilemma 0

    We live in an age of uncertainty.  And so it has come to this. Namco's DLC for Tales of Vesperia, one of the best JRPG's in recent years, allows you to level your characters with no grinding or tedium, grant difficult to find items, and as much Gald as you can shake a stick at. If your wallet is deep enough, you'll be pretty much set to obliterable any challenge the game throws at you, thanks to this handy DLC.  Now, anyone who has seen the Soulcalibur IV DLC will know that Namco's track record ...

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    A Tales game by the book, but a great experience nonetheless. 0

    Tales of Vesperia is another entry to the beloved Tales Of series. It's the series' first appearance in the high definition world of gaming and ultimately shows itself as being an expected but also enjoyable Tales game. This is pretty much your average Japanese-styled RPG experience, and a Tales game extremely by the book, with practically everything you could know about game mechanics from the previous games present along with a whole new adventure.In Tales you are presented to various characte...

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    as expexted, grand 0

    im just over ten hours in and just aqcuired my aqua blastia achievement, and already this game is the best rpg i have played for the 360, and i have played many in a very short time period. the storyline starts off slow for about 2 hours, then picks up little by little in a snowball effect until your wrapped in the game! the gameplay is great and if your lazy u can set the game to play the battles itself, but even if your terrible youll perform better than the cpu does. the gameplay and storylin...

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    ssssssooooo boring 6

    the demo was ok but some of the cut scenes are lagging and the amount of enemies i got bored i turned it of and played worms. its an ok game to play for half an hour but i dont recommend buying maybe rent it for a while, you might as well wait for star ocean if u wana play a decent anime game or even wait for final fantasy to come out because they are guna be some of the must buy games out this year ...

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    A joy for fans of Tales as well as newcomers to the series 0

    Do I need to play the other Tales games before Tales of Vesperia?Nope. Vesperia is an entirely different world with an entirely different cast of characters from previous Tales. Really, the only thing linking the Tales games together is that all their names start with "Tales of..." and they have similar combat systems.XBox 360 or PS3 version?As I am writing this, there is no PS3 version -- it's slated for release in Japan on September 17, 2009 (no word about a Western release), but it promises a...

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    Tales of Vesperia is one of the best JRPG experiences this gen 0

    Tales of Vesperia is one of the best Japanese role playing games to come out so far in this generation. Even though the game didn't sell well in America, unlike in Japan, Tales of Vesperia is still an amazing game and any fan of Japanese role playing games should check it out in some form. The story is engaging, the characters are some of the most interesting in recent role playing games and the gameplay is fantastic. The flashy quick paced combat is a blast to play through and the role playing ...

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    A Magical Tale, Remastered 0

    The original Tales of Vesperia released in 2008 on the Xbox 360 and a year later on the PS3 to wide-spread acclaim from series fans and Japanese Role Playing Game (JRPG) fans alike. Fast forward to 2019 and Namco-Bandai had released a definitive edition of the game on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4. For the purposes of this review, I will be focusing on the Nintendo Switch version of the game.You play as Yuri Lowell, a former Imperial solider who sets out to find the nobleman who stole hi...

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    This is a great game and a great addition to the tales series 2

    Tales fanatics such as myself have been waiting for a great Tales game since...hmm probably Tales of Symphonia, without a doubt Tales of Vesperia delivers what we have seen throughout the Tales series from the great characters to the EFR-LMBS which.....ok that just the battle system but you know what i mean.Story:Alright first thing is first, is the story compelling and does it suck you in like past Tales games? the anwser is yes...and no...i've been playing this game non stop like a mad man for...

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    Tales of Vesperia Review 0

    Tales of Vesperia is the latest addition to the tales franchise. You will once again have to take up the mantel of a misunderstood hero who starts out on an adventure for their own motives, but ends up saving the world instead. This is the first Tales game to make it to the XBOX brand, and I'm sure after seeing the sales go through the roof in Japan, Microsoft will hope that this isn't the last.Teh graphics are pretty solid, they're not going to blow you out of your chair but the look smooth, an...

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    Best JRPG this generation. 0

    To start i'd say my relationship with the Tales Series has been a mixed one.... Loved Symphonia 1, hated the bleh attempt at 2 on the wii.  Loved this game (Vesperia) hated Legendia's story but thought the characters were compelling.  I have yet to try their last dance on the PS2 Abyss but hear it's great, it's sitting on my shelf.  I also hated the ps1 ported ones from Snes days.  Just thought i'd get that out there, because I was very very impressed with this game.  It's story at first glance ...

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    To Enforce One's Justice 0

    Tales of Vesperia Review Story --------- 8.5 Gameplay --- 9.0 Graphics ----  9.0 Sound -------  9.5 Tilt/Value --  9.5 Introduction:             The Xbox 360 has had a very good lineup of Japanese RPGs due to much support from and its early release compared to that of the PS3. Games such as Eternal Sonata and Lost Odyssey satisfied those who hungered for JRPGs but did it fully satiate their hunger with an extravagant JRPG? Does this game truly deliver and meet all the expectations of a JRPG? ...

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    Tales Conquers Its Technical Flaws, But The Story Takes A Hit. 1

    The Tales games are a brilliant series of RPGs that have steadily gained ground in the U.S. ever since the advent of Tales of Symphonia.  While its sales pale in comparison to Final Fantasy, it is not a series that should be overlooked.  The Tales games are notorious for providing an action-oriented RPG experience, and Vesperia is no exception.  Gamers that are turned off by turn-based battle systems, or are just looking for new types of experiences may want to check out this RPG that has more i...

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    Tales of Vesperia: The Review 0

    Tales of Vesperia is a new RPG in the Tales series by Namco/Bandai. This games is really my first foray into the Tales series. I briefly played Tales on PS1, and Tales of Symphonia on Gamecube. I played these games briefly because I did not like either one of them. But since I have been dying for an RPG I decided to give this one a go. I had played the demo first, and liked it, but it seemed very cheesy. So let me tell you that I was floored when playing the real game.The story starts out with Y...

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    Its adequacy is unquestionable, but its originality is not. 0

    Over the past few years, Namco has consistently released games in the Tales series.  Tales of Vesperia is their latest entry and the debut of Tales on the Xbox 360.  Is this game, built for a new platform, significantly different from its forefathers of a previous generation?  Did the design team anticipate any major innovation or steps forward?  The answer to both of these questions is a resounding “no”.  Although it contains noticeable improvements, Vesperia is, by and large, not that differen...

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