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    A character in Skullgirls. He is a bard of the Cirque des Cartes. He is also an enforcer of the Medici mafia to those in the circus who would even think to defy their contract.

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    Taliesin can play anything as a musical instrument. His current instrument is a Remote Parasite called Muse. Taliesin has an additional role in the circus, which is to punish those in Cirque des Cartes who would think to go against their contract with the Medici family who runs the circus. He keeps a collection of his favorite victims, which elicits jealousy in Muse.

    Taliesin is seen briefly during Cerebella's story. Most of what is known about him was revealed when Taliesin appeared as one of the 32 potential DLC characters for Skullgirls after their Indiegogo campaign. He didn't even make it past the first round of voting, but clearly some thought had still gone into what he would be like as a playable character if he was ever created.

    Not quite a regular 2D puppet character, because he feels his Muse’s pain. A bit more like the puppet characters from the Naruto games.

    All punches are taken care of by Taliesin, whereas all kicks are assigned to Muse. There would be a stance where both are together, and another stance where Muse is separate from Taliesin. Certain moves and supers have different properties depending on whether Muse is attached to Taliesin or not. Taliesin would also be able to change objects into musical instruments to use as weapons.

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