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Located just south of Thousand Needles,west to Un'Goro Crater,this area is also known as Tanaris Desert.At the first glance,it seems that this area is deserted and has no life what so ever.But this part of Kalimdor is anything but deserted or dead.The goblin main station in Kalimdor is here,known as Gadgetzan.The other main point of intrest are the Caverns of Time,located in the eastern part of the area.Although a desert,Tanaris is full of wildlife.It inhabits : Basilisks,Bog Beasts,Bronze Dragons,Earth Elementals,Hyenas,Mountain Giants,Ogres,Pirates,Sand Trolls,Sea Giants,Scorpids,Silithid,Turtles,Vultures and Water Elementals.The population of 3,000 includes : 1,200 goblins, 750 humans, 450 sandfury trolls, 300 ogres and 300 gnomes.


The Tanaris Desert has been an endless sea of sand for aeons. Nozdormu, the great dragon of time, was said to make this land his home since time immemorial, thriving in the solitude of oppressive heat and miles of sand.Tanaris is the ancestral home of the bronze dragonflight based out of the Caverns of Time. The titans also have a holding here in form of the ancient city of Uldum, found in the southern parts of the desert. It was here that Anachronos first discovered the full threat of the silithid, who had been making hives in the remote regions of Tanaris. The War of the Shifting Sands was consequently unleashed upon the western land of Silithus.


The Abyssal Sands

This endless dune sea is said to be home to the sand-dwelling silithid. The creatures reportedly live in hive tunnels just beneath the surface, waiting for the unwary traveler.

The Broken Pillar

South of Gadgetzan and east of the Abyssal Sands. It is the home of the quest giver Marvon Rivetseeker.

Caverns of Time

Located in the eastern part of Tanaris, they contain various portals to different key historical periods and events in Warcraft history. The caverns act as a crossroads for the various timelines, and through them one can travel back and forth along the ebb and flow of time.The Caverns of Time are home to Nozdormu and the bronze dragonflight. It is their sacred charge to guard the caverns against the intrusion of mortals, whose interference would assuredly disrupt the flow of time. Recently, a mysterious force called the infinite dragonflight has begun to meddle with time. The bronze dragonflight is recruiting adventurers to make sure that the events that took place in the past remain as they were.The Caverns contain four instances ( for now ) : Escape from Durnholde Keep, Opening the Dark Portal, Battle of Mount Hyjal and Culling of Stratholme.The first one is a event that happened 7 years before WoW,in Alterac Mountains.The second one happened during Warcraft I, and you help Medvih to open The Dark Portal.The third and forth happend during the events of Warcraft III : Reign of Chaos.In the third you are trying to stop Archimonde to take over The Tree of Life,and th in the forth you are helping Arthas to purge Stratholme.

Dunemaul Compound

The stronghold of the Dunemaul ogres of Tanaris. Their leader, Gor'marok the Ravager, resides here in his cave.

The Eastmoon Ruins

An area of ancient troll ruins, in Tanaris, now taken over by the Dunemaul ogres.


Goblin owned and operated, of course is the only spot of civilization in the entire desert of Tanaris. Explorers can find most gear that they need here, as well as a place to escape from the blistering sun and other dangers of the desert.Rising out of the northern Tanaris desert like an oasis, Gadgetzan (Gadgetzar or Gadgetar in some tongues) is the headquarters of the Steamwheedle Cartel, the largest of the Goblin Cartels. Here some of the best goblin engineers, miners and alchemists play their trade. The Goblins believe in profit above loyalty, thus Gadgetzan is considered neutral territory in the Horde/Alliance conflict. Anyone with a fat wallet or services to offer is welcome in Gadgetzan. Both governments officially recognize Goblin neutrality, and for those who don't, the streets
Map of Tanaris
Map of Tanaris
 are heavily patrolled by Goblin Bruisers ready to pound to a pulp anyone disrupting their trade by instigating conflict. Why the goblins choose to build their trading towns in such inhospitable locations is anyone's guess, but once again, they defy logic and the hot sun with their wondrous city of Gadgetzan. It looks like, and appears to be a reference to, the desert town of Mos Eisley from Star Wars, It is even likelier to be a reference to the movie "Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome" as "Barter Town"; the main area in which the movie is situated is located in a desert and has an arena in the middle, similar to the one in Gadgetzan. Further proof of this is the NPC named Katrina Turner, whose name is very similar to Tina Turner, who played a lead part in that movie.

The Gaping Chasm

A minor silithid hive in south eastern Tanaris. Also could be considered to be Hive Hazzali.

The Land's End Beach

The most southern part of the Tanaris Desert. It is located at an abandoned piece of coastline which is only reachable by sea. Besides a crashed Flying Machine and some wood sticking out of the sand, there are Giant Surf Gliders that range from 48 to 50, and are quite aggresive. If you look into the distance at the southernmost point, you will see a mysterious island, which you cannot reach by swimming without tricks, or someone to help you.

Lost Rigger Cove

Protected by mountains on three sides, it's the hideout of the Southsea Pirates on the coast of Tanaris. Agents of the Steamwheedle Cartel constantly attempt to disrupt the pirates' shipbuilding operations here. Killing Southsea Pirates will earn reputation with Gadgetzan.

Noonshade Ruins

Ancient troll ruins to the east of Gadgetzan, presently overrun by Wastewander bandits.


The northenmost point in the Tanaris Desert. It is home to a large population of kodo beasts that feed upon the shrub grasses poking up in the area. Their presence brings many tallstriders and lions hoping to nab a straggler in the herd.

The Noxious Lair

A minor Silithid hive in south western Tanaris. Also considered to be Hive Centipaar. There is a large hive complex filled with Silithid, however it is only good for the quest. Inside the hive aren't any chests or quest monsters.

Sandsorrow Watch

An area heavily populated by Sandfury trolls . Their dwellings and powerful soldiers dot the landscape.

Southbreak Shore

An expanse of flat beach to the south of Lost Rigger Cove. It is quiet and almost deserted apart from the Snapjaw turtles crawling in the surf.

Southmoon Ruins

Ancient troll ruin, now taken over by Dunemaul ogres.

Steamwheedle Port

A port village on the coast of Tanaris Desert, first built to receive materials for the construction of Gadgetzan. The port is directly connected to Undermine, but at this point in the game not scheduled for any passenger ships to dock.

Thistleshrub Valley

An area thick with giant cacti (which are very unusually alive for Tanaris) and desert-dwelling thistleshrubs.


An ancient hall of stone located in the southern desert of Tanaris.Fragments of notes unearthed from Bael Modan suggest that a great titan city lies deep within the rocky expanse of the southern desert. So far, dwarven expeditions have yet to track down the location of Uldum, but they are confident that it’s only a matter of time.

The Valley of the Watchers

A valley located near to Uldum. In front of it are mighty, elite Dune Smasher mountain giants.

Waterspring Field

Named because of the many water towers which pump the life-giving liquid from reserves deep underground. The towers were built by the goblins of Gadgetzan in an attempt to provide water for their desert operations. However, these intentions were botched when a large group of nomadic bandits calling themselves the Wastewanders strolled in and claimed the field for themselves, selfishly hijacking the water towers in the process. The bandits now squat on the land hoping against hope that this home will be better than that one ogre camp. They still get the shivers thinking about it.

Wavestrider Beach

Located on the eastern shore of Tanaris. The beach stretches between Steamwheedle Port and Zalashji's Den. There are two burning ships far off the coast here and Steeljaw Snappers that are anywhere from lvl 42 to 47 roam the shoreline.

Zalashji's Den

Home of Zalashji the naga, located in eastern Tanaris .It currently serves no purpose to the game itself, beside being home to the mentioned Zalashji. However, as it is speculated with the Zalashji himself, it might have any connection to rumored future expansion of Great Sea.


A Sandfury troll city located in northwestern Tanaris. Remember to pack your sunscreen, and get ready for a battle royale with the Sandfury Trolls. The level range is 42-46.

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