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Early Life and Fallout

Tandi, the daughter of Shady Sands leader Aradesh, was born in 2145. While her father was a somewhat conserved individual, Tandi spent most of her youth looking for excitement and adventure. It was of no great surprise that she was captured by a group of raiders at the outset of Fallout.

Upon leaving Vault 13, the Vault Dweller set off for Vault 15. On his journey he stumbled upon Shady Sands; a small farming community founded by one of the groups that left Vault 15.When he arrived, the Vault Dweller was directed towards Aradesh who was always suspicious of newcomers. To prove his worth, the Vault Dweller was tasked with rescuing Tandi from a group of nearby raiders.

After utilising whichever method suits the character, Tandi is rescued and brought back to Shady Sands.

President of the New California Republic

New California Republic
New California Republic
Sometime after the conclusion of Fallout, Aradesh left Shady Sands with Seth to head west. With Aradesh gone, Tandi took over as leader of Shady Sands. By introducing concepts such as democracy and pushing forth the rebuilding of the wasteland, Shady Sands later developed into the capital of the New California Republic. In 2186, the NCR was officially formed. Tandi was elected president of the NCR in 2196.

Latter Years

Often considered the most important person in the wasteland as far as rebuilding is concerned, Tandi remained president of the New California Republic until her death in 2243.

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