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    Tank Racer

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Mar 26, 1999

    Tank Racer is a 3D action racing game in which the player takes part in multiple high speed race and battle events, between tanks.

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    Two tanks battling it out
    Two tanks battling it out

    Tank Racer is a fairly generic racing game with a few unique twists on the formula. Although claiming speeds of up to 120mph the tanks are relatively slow moving resulting in an emphasis placed on combat during the racing. Each tank comes standard with a 'regular' turret that can be manipulated 360 degrees with the L1 and R1 shoulder buttons meaning it can be used to achieve a range of different effects; firing it directly behind your vehicle will give it a short and quick speed boost, firing it at opponents can slow them down and disorientate them or it can be used to destroy aspects of the scenery to exploit shortcuts. Other than the turret, 8 'special' weapons can also be utilized and are spread throughout the tracks in boxes allowing for one to be picked up at a time before using them. These weapons can range from heat seeking rockets to UFO abductions, all of which can have a dramatic effect on the balance of a race. The courses come in a variety of different themes such as amusement parks and swamps, each with their own unique environmental hazards and scenery features. With the exception of a few short cuts, the tracks are generally very linear with 3-5 laps to complete against 7 other tanks.

    Single Player Mode

    A 2D cow that wasn't so lucky
    A 2D cow that wasn't so lucky

    The main aim for the player in this mode is to win all of the cups in the World Tank Racing Championship (WRTC). Each cup is won for coming out on top in points based race tournaments against the AI. There are 3 cups to be one in total (bronze, silver and gold), one for each corresponding tournament of increasing difficulty. There are a total of 22 different courses to compete on however, some are mirrored versions of each other. The game features 4 tanks that are available to the player in each championship making a total of 12 (with 3 bonus vehicles to unlock), however, their characteristics are all very similar to the original 4. When the player comes first in all of the cups, and effectively completes the game, a secret mode of pong is unlocked to be played with two people or against an AI opponent.

    Multiplayer Race Modes

    Almost an exact replica of the single player campaign. This mode supports up to 5 people on the PC version, either over lan or through the internet, or just 2 player split screen on the Playstation version.

    Battle Mode

    Features 8 arenas full of weapon pick ups on which you battle one other player, on both versions of the game. There is no finish line but instead each player gets a health bar and the last one standing wins.Weapons

    There are 8 weapons in the game, excluding the mandatory turret every tank receives:

    Alien Abduction

    Does exactly what it says on the tin. When fired at an opponent a UFO drops down from the sky picks up their tank and then drops them back on the track.

    Concussion Shell

    At the point of impact the shell creates an area of effect, in which any tank will be thrown off course.

    Electro Mine

    A homing missile about to be picked up
    A homing missile about to be picked up

    When a player is hit by one of these they will lose all control of their turret for a short period of time.

    Homing Missile

    The only weapon that locks on to an opponent with an almost 100% chance of hitting them and throwing them off course.


    Much like the Mario Kart bananas, when dropped they create a hazardous obstacle for close following opponents


    When activated offers 10 seconds of protection to the player from any weapon in the game.

    Slider Rizer

    When dropped on the track it will cause any opponents to skid out of control when hit.


    Provides 8 seconds of increased acceleration.

    Mobile Version

    A 2D mobile version of the game was released on 2005 by Globalfun and Runestone GamesSystem Requirements

    Requirements for the PC version of the game as follows:


    CPU: P166

    Operating System: Win 95/98 with DirectX compatible drivers

    Memory: 32Mb RAM, 50Mb of HD space

    Video: 4Mb 3D Accelerator card such as 3Dfx Voodoo, Rive 128

    Sound: 100% Sound Blaster compatible


    CPU: P233

    Operating System: Win 95/98 with DirectX compatible drivers

    Memory: 64Mb RAM, 150Mb of HD space

    Video: 8Mb 3D Accelerator card such as 3Dfx Voodoo2, Banshee, Rive TNT

    Sound: 100% Sound Blaster compatible

    Controls: Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback joystick


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