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Tantris is a wandering bard who happened to see Rorona walking by one day and falls in love with her at first sight. He returns to Arland where he visits his father, Meredith Alcock, where he is asked to sabotage Rorona's alchemist workshop. Instead, Tantris make frequent visits to the workshop to subtly hint Rorona that he's been asked by his father to sabotage the workshop. Tantris eventually tells Rorona some time later, as well as his plan to leave Arland because he never like the town. Toward the end of the game, Tantris asks Rorona to synthesize a new bard. Rorona successfully synthesizes the new bard and they play together in what seemed to be the final time they'll see each other.

On one night, Tantris finds his father passed out drunk outside of Sunrise Cafe. He picks him up and takes him back to the castle. A few days later, Tantris convinces his father to drop the antics and asks him to consider using the workshop to assist profitability of the kingdom instead of his plan to build more factories in place. He also suggests that he could take over his father's position as minister of Arland.

If the player earns the normal ending, Tantris writes a letter to his father saying that he cannot take over his position. He then follows Rorona on her journey to run a new alchemist workshop elsewhere. If the player earns a good or true ending, Tantris proposes a new budget where alchemy will be properly funded, to his father's slight dismay on his first day as minister.


Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland

Tantris can be recruited into Rorona's party for battles against monster during the players exploration of an outside location. The player equips Tantris with brass/metal knuckles as his weapon and wears/suits for clothes. Tantris usually performs a kick to his targeted enemy as his normal attack. His skills consist of singing and playing his bard to increase attacking strength or to replenish HP, or to perform a series of punches and kicks.

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