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Target Earth (JP: Assault Suit Leynos) is a side-scrolling mecha combat game for the Sega Genesis. It was developed by Masaya and published by Masaya in Japan, and by DreamWorks in North America, both in 1990. It would also come to the Wii's Virtual Console, but only in Japan.

It is part of Masaya's Assault Suits franchise, which also includes Cybernator (Assault Suits Valken) for the SNES.

The game would be remade by Dracue and released by extreme/Rising Star Games with its original name, Assault Suit Leynos, for PS4 and Steam in 2016.


In Target Earth, a band of outcasts who left Earth have become cyborgs, and they are returning with a vengeance. As Rex, a pilot for Earth, the player must fight against the cyborg invasion and put a stop to the war.


Target Earth features two types of play. For ground based missions, the game plays very much like a 2D platformer. Enemies will attack from side to side as well as by air. The space-based levels are similar to side scrolling shoot'em ups like R-Type. With every enemy the player kills, they earn ports that can be spent on weapon upgrades. Bonus weapons can be unlocked at the end of each mission depending on player performance. The game does not feature any sort of collectible health power-up. Instead, the player's health regenerates over time.


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