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    Originated in Greek mythology, it is the deepest layer of hell, where Zeus imprisoned the Titans. It has appeared in many different incarnations, but most of the time it is linked with death, myths, and hell.

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    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

    During the Dark Hour, Gekkoukan High School turns into the Shadow-infested tower known as Tartarus.  The Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad, or SEES was created to investigate the mysterious labyrinth and attempt to uncover the truth behind the Dark Hour and the Shadows that reside in it.  The team's ultimate goal is to reach the top of Tartarus, though none of the characters know how tall it truly is.  A number of the game's major events take place in this dungeon, as well as the final boss encounter.

    Tartarus is the central dungeon of the game and the primary location where the main character and his party can gain experience and level up by fighting Shadows.  Tartarus itself is not in a static state, meaning that its layout changes every Dark Hour.  Tartarus is divided into a series of distinct blocks of floors, each with its own aesthetic design.  There are also gates that exist within the dungeon that block access to higher floors until a corresponding event related to a full moon has occurred.  The player can also access the Velvet Room from the entryway of Tartarus in order to fuse Personas as well as take requests from Elizabeth.

    It is revealed that the Kirijo Group was responsible for the creation of the Shadows, Tartarus, and the Dark Hour. Ten years before the events of Persona 3, they organized a team of scientists to conduct experiments on Shadows, so that they can learn how the suppress their powers. But a terrible accident leads to the creation of the strange phenomenon surrounding Tatsumi Port Island.

    Kingdom Hearts II

    The lair of Hades where he holds the Hades Cup and where he also summons Auron with the hope of killing Hercules.

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