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    One of the three factions in the Act of War RTS franchise

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    Task Force Talon Insignia
    Task Force Talon Insignia

    Task Force Talon (TFT) is a top secret, elite sect of the US Military. Its members comprise of the best and brightest from all four branches of the US military. Armed with latest, classified weapons and equipment, Task Force Talon is ready to deploy anywhere around the world within 24 hours. The branch is activated by National Security Advisor Robert Chamberlain. Major Jason Richter commands TFT with Lieutenant Vega as his advisor. Sergent Major Ray Jefferson and Sergent Oz Jackson lead operations on the ground.

    In game, the TFT faction comprises of new experimental technologies. Though not as powerful as the US Army nor as stealthy as the Consortium, TFT features unparalleled flexibility and speed. Many units can engage multiple target types effectively or posses different firing modes. TFT also uses drone technologies; their main battle tank is completely unmanned. The tradeoff for this flexibility comes at a significant price tag as TFT units tend to be more expensive than their Consortium and US counterparts. They are a popular faction for newcomers due to their powerful early game units. Their infantry are also extremely powerful, giving TFT an edge in maps featuring banks. TFT units cost a considerable amount though, making loses especially painful.


    (HT) only in High Treason Expansion Pack

    * requires S.H.I.E.L.D TECH

    ** requires DRONE TECH

    TFT infantry group
    TFT infantry group

    In game, TFT begins at Battlefield TECH and can purchase basic infantry and tanks. TFT uses Drone Constructors as their building and repair units. They are small unmanned treaded vehicles that contain the blueprints for every building available. Drone Constructors cost half as much as their US and Consortium counterparts but the Drones must be sacrificed to build structures. TFT does not have to worry about power like the other factions; as long as their buildings are within the vicinity of an HQ or Foward Operation Center, the buildings will be powered. The tradeoff of course is that every building will be unpowered if the HQ or FOC is destroyed. TFT is the strongest faction in the early game in terms of power, with their infantry and tanks capable of overpowering several of their US and Consortium counterparts.

    Battlefield TECHProduces
    TFT HQDrone Constructor
    S.H.I.E.L.D TECH
    Account Hacking
    RefineryOil Tankers
    Oil DerrickOil Vein Nano-Saturation (HT)
    Forward Operation Center (FOC)Drone Constructor
    FOC Structural Reinforcement
    BarracksTask Force Commando
    • Future Force Warrior * (HT)
    Heavy Sniper
    GUOS Drones
    Field Intelligence Center
    • Close Quarter Battle Capture Training
    • Objective Crew Served Weapon (OCSW) (HT)
    Field Intelligence CenterInterrogate POW
    Vehicle Command CenterRAH-66 Comanche
    Stryker ICV
    • Stryker MGS
    • Stryker MC
    Buggy Light Stinger Launcher
    Comanche Hellfire II Anti-Tank Missile *
    Sentry TurretSentry Turret Extended Anti-Tank Capability **
    Sentry Turret Extended Anti-Aircraft Capability *
    Mercenary Outpost (HT)Official Mercenaries
    Unofficial Mercenaries *or**
    Illegal Mercenaries *and**

    TFT has the option of teching to S.H.I.E.L.D and/or Drone TECH. Each TECH has its own benefits and weaknesses that must be weighed carefully against the situation at hand. S.H.I.E.L.D Tech offers more utility and mobility. S.H.I.E.L.D provides access to both infantry healing and vehicle repairs. S.H.I.E.L.D also provides powerful infantry as well as the Mjolnir Artillery tactical weapon. The downside is the lack of a main battle tank or a powerful anti-air option.

    S.H.I.E.L.D TECHProduces
    S.H.I.E.L.D Control CenterS.H.I.E.L.D
    S.H.I.E.L.D Milimetric Radar
    Nanowave Healing Center Add-on
    Nanowave Healing CenterHeal
    High Density Nanowave Antenna
    Repair and Logistics CenterV-44 Heavy Transport
    Repair FAT-V
    V-44 Stealth Capacity
    Mjolnir Super-Heavy HowitzerNuclear Artillery Salvo
    Red Mercury Fusion Technology
    • Red Mercury Fusion Salvo

    Drone Tech, as its name implies, offers unmanned combat vehicles. Drone is more offensively oriented, providing access to the Spinner Drone main battle tank and fixed wing aircraft such as the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Drone also provides access to the Guardian counter tactical weapon system. The downside is that Drone tech is not as mobile as S.H.I.E.L.D and lacks an advanced detection unit.

    DRONE TECHProduces
    Spinner Central CommandUGCV Spinner Drone
    Spinner Tacit Rainbow Launcher * (HT)
    Spinner Counter Artillery Radar
    Spinner Stealth Drone Capacity
    Aircraft Control TowerF-35 Joint Strike Fighter
    RQ-4A Global Hawk
    Early Warning Radar
    F-35 BLU-144 Blackout Bomb (HT)
    Global Hawk Hellfire Missile
    Guardian Drone Ballistic DefenseGuardian Drone
    Tactical Warning System
    Guardian Drone Speed and Distance Upgrade


    Task Force Commando

    These elite and expensive infantry units are the most powerful early game infantry. One Commando can take on three US Marines at once. A group of TFCs can also be very effective against helicopters. TFCs can be upgraded to carry GUOs mines. Each individual TFC can be upgraded to the Future Force Warrior.

    Future Force Warrior

    The Future Force Warrior
    The Future Force Warrior

    Armed with experimental MP5's with grenade launcher attachments and prototype armor, the FFW is superior to the TFC in every way.

    Heavy Sniper

    The Heavy Sniper is an example of TFT's versatility over firepower methodology. Armed with a M92A1 anti-material rifle, the Heavy Sniper can take out infantry and tanks. While not as powerful as dedicated anti-vehicle infantry such as the US Javelin, the Heavy Sniper makes up for it with the ability to ambush, take out and capture infantry and its long range. The Heavy Sniper is incredibly expensive but its power and versatility more than make up for it.

    Objective Crew Served Weapon

    The OCSW
    The OCSW

    A two man machine gun crew, the OCSW boasts considerable range and firepower. It can switch between High Explosive anti-personnel rounds or Armor Piercing anti-vehicle rounds.


    A lightly armored ATV armed with a 12.7mm machine gun. It can also carry one infantry unit and can be upgraded to carry Stinger Anti-air missiles

    Stryker Infantry Combat Vehicle

    This eight wheeled, adaptable vehicle carriers a machine gun and room for six infantry. For additional funds, the Stryker can exchange its troop carrier role for another weapon.

    Stryker Mobile Gun System

    Carrying a 105mm cannon, this Stryker is the most powerful early game tank. However its turret rotation speed is slow and can be exploited

    Stryker Mortar Carrier

    Armed with a 120mm mortar, this Stryker is an effective long range bombardment unit

    RAH-66 Comanche

    A lightly armored stealth helicopter useful for scouting. With S.H.I.E.L.D TECH, it can be armed with Hellfire missiles, turning it into a deadly hit and run unit.


    The Super High speed Infantry Electronic Defensive System is an exoskeleton designed to allow a singe infantry to carry large weapons. It carries a Javelin II missile launcher on its right arm and can switch to a 20mm M61 gatling gun on its left. It can be upgraded to detect stealth units.

    Repair FAT-V

    Adapted from the US FAT-V to repair vehicles. It can also detect stealth units

    V-44 Heavy Transport

    A quad-tilt rotor helicopter armed with double miniguns for anti-infantry. It is the only transport capable of transporting vehicles including main battle tanks. Can be upgraded with stealth capability to drop armies behind enemy lines.

    Spinner Drone

    This unmanned tank is not as powerful as the US Abrams or the Consortium Akula in a straight up fight. However it can switch to an anti-air mode or a bomb drone launcher. The Spinner can be upgraded to detect artillery units and the bomb drone can be upgraded with stealth capabilities.

    Spinner Tacit Rainbow

    Spinner Tacit Rainbow Launcher
    Spinner Tacit Rainbow Launcher

    This Spinner variant is armed with a Tacit Rainbow cruise missile. The missiles will fly over an area until a target is within range.

    FA-35 Joint Strike Fighter

    Continuing the trend of TFT units, the FA-35 is not as powerful at the air to air role as the US F-15 nor at the air to ground role as the US B-2 bomber. However its ability to attack both targets and protect itself enroute makes it very useful. It can be upgraded to carry Blackout Bombs to create power outages.

    Global Hawk

    The Global Hawk is a stealth UAV used for scouting. It is unarmed but can be upgraded with Hellfire missiles for anti-vehicle purposes. It is arguably more effective than the US A-10 due to its stealth capability.

    Mjolnir Heavy Artillery

    Mjolnir Heavy Artillery
    Mjolnir Heavy Artillery

    This is the TFT's tactical weapon capable of firing nuclear rounds. It carriers two shots, in comparison to the US one shot and the Consortium's three. Can be upgraded to Red Mercury Fusion shells for more damage.

    Guardian Drone

    The TFT's counter tactical weapon, the Guardian is the only mobile counter tactical weapon. This allows TFT to protect its army on the move or contain enemy bases by intercepting tactical weapons as soon as they are launched.


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