Tatewaki Kuno

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    A poetic, wealthy Furinkan high school student, and master of kendo. He is Ranma's rival, and is forever seeking the hand of Akane and the mysterious pigtailed girl.

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    Tatewaki Kuno is a secondary character in the manga and anime series Ranma 1/2, on which a number of video games featuring him are based. He is a wealthy student and kendo practitioner whose speech is laced with purple prose, and attends Furinkan High School, where his father is the principal. He also has a younger sister named Kodachi.

    Kuno has designs on being the boyfriend of Akane Tendo, but his arrogant, romantic attitude leads him to make absurd proclamations, such as his announcement to the entire student body that anyone desiring to date Akane must first defeat her in combat. His interest in Akane also leads him to become a rival of Ranma Saotome, Akane's arranged fiance. However, Kuno also becomes smitten with Ranma's cursed female form, whom he only knows as the "pigtailed girl," completely unaware that she and Ranma are the same person.


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