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"Well you're just careless. You're like my partner."


Tatl is Link's fairy companion in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, replacing Navi after her exit at the end of Ocarina of Time. While she shares the same concept as Navi, she has more edgy personality; having a rather cynical and aggressive attitude.


Tatl and her brother Tael were friends with the Skull Kid, taking part in some of his mischief which included robbing the Happy Mask Salesman and, later, Link. After the former, in which the Skull Kid acquired Majora's Mask, the relationship began to fall apart as his antics became more aggressive and cruel. Nonetheless, they all stuck together up until they met Link deep in the forest. After the Skull Kid turned him into a Deku Scrub, Link tried to go after him; ahile she was busy intervening, Tatl was separated from the group.

She became Link's reluctant fairy companion, taking the place of Navi, helping him just so she could get back to her brother. But when the threat of the mask and the approaching moon becomes more evident, she becomes more compassionate towards him and his goals.

Traits and Differences from Navi

Arguably, Tatl has more character than her predecessor. She is more developed; having more lines in cutscenes, communication with characters, and an informal approach to describing enemies. As stated above, she is also way more aggressive than Navi; sometimes insulting Link in conversation and, during one occurrence, she intimidates a character. But she does have a compassionate side, showing regret for past doings and pity for people directly affected by the Skull Kid.

In combat, she has the same role as Navi. She helps the player lock onto enemies and gives descriptions on how to beat them. But she is less formal in these descriptions, sometimes expressing her disgust for some foes. Additionally, she has no spoken audio; instead communicating through a bell-like sound. This was possibly a direct response to people who criticized the infamous "nagging" of Navi, who communicated though words/phrases like "Hey!", "Watch Out!", and "Listen!" continuously.

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