Viewtiful Joe Footage

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#1 Posted by Linkyshinks (11400 posts) -

Some footage of VJ in action has hit the net :D


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#2 Posted by SpinCookie (749 posts) -

So awesome.

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#3 Posted by Endogene (5183 posts) -

For those wondering the girl with the gun is Saki Kanebou (Quiz Nanairo Dreams).

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#4 Posted by Demyx (3247 posts) -

Looks kinda fun.

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#5 Posted by Linkyshinks (11400 posts) -

So awesome, I am definitely going to be main-ing with him when I get the game next month. His special looks awesome and the expression on his face before he breaks into his flurry move is so Joe lol, I love it!. I cannot wait!

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#6 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -

This is awesome...but it does make me wish that an actual new Viewtiful Joe game would come out.

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