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The Caste System

Fire Caste

The Fire Caste are warriors of the Tau Empire who all serve in the Tau armies. The Tau of the Fire caste are all taller, stronger and better suited for combat.

Earth Caste

The Earth Caste consist of workers, farmers, and scientist. The Earth caste are responsible for building the cities for the empire, as well as developing and creating new technologies and weapons for their military

Air Caste

The Air Caste are all pilots who fill the ranks of the Tau navies. Most Tau in the Air caste are tall and slender than the rest of their race, as they spend most of their lives off world. Their main role are piloting the Tau's starships.

Water Caste

The Water Caste compose of merchants, diplomats, and administrators. Their duty is ensure that the Tau society functions efficiently, and also maintain the Tau's diplomatic relations with other species.


The Ethereals are the political and religious leaders of the Tau. The Ethereals hold absolute power over the other Castes, and lead their race in pursuit of the Greater Good of the Tau Empire.

Tau Heroes

  • Aun'Va - Master of the Undying Spirit
  • O'Shovah - Commander Farsight
  • O'Shaserra - Commander Shadowsun

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