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    Taven is a half-god and son of the Protector of Edenia, Argus and a powerful sorceress. He is the main character of Armegeddon's Konquest mode.

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    Alignment: Good

    Species: Edenian

    Origin: Edenia

    Allies: Orin, Caro, Argus, Delia, Raiden, Fujin, Sub-Zero, Shinnok

    Enemies: Daegon, Rain, Shao Kahn


    Taven in Armageddon
    Taven in Armageddon

    Taven is the eldest son of Argus and Delia, the two Elder Gods of Edenia. Centuries ago, his mother Delia saw visions of a future apocalypse caused by the growing number of fighters spawned from the Mortal Kombat tournament, so his father Argus made plans to destroy all the kombatants to prevent Armageddon. However, Delia protested to this saying that some are heroes and undeserving of death. Argus then came up with another solution: to held a contest between his two sons, Taven and Daegon, where the two would race each other to the top of a pyramid and defeat the firespawn that Delia had created, Blaze. By defeating this creature, the winner would absorb its mystical powers and transform him into a god, replacing Argus as Protector of Edenia. The excess energies from Blaze would also be used to either kill or nullify the special powers of the other kombatants, preventing their fighting from tearing the realms apart.

    Both Taven and Daegon were sent to Earthrealm where they were kept in hibernation in two undisclosed caves. Two dragons, Orin and Caro, stood guard in each cave and was instructed to awaken the two brothers when the time comes. Centuries later, Orin awakened Taven from his slumber and began his quest. Taven's first task was to obtain a weapon from Argus' temple where his father will be waiting for him. Upon his arrival, Taven had found a message from his father but after receiving it, Sektor attacked him from behind and took him to his warship. Sektor interrogated Taven and demanded answers about the message he received at the altar when suddenly, the warship was under attack by Sonya Blade and her Special Forces unit. Taven escaped as the warship exploded in the sky.

    Taven returned to the cave via a portal and told Orin that his father's temple had been abandoned for ages and both Argus and the weapon were nowhere to be found. Assumed that the weapon might be stolen, he only found a message instructing him to travel north to find an item his mother had left him in a temple. During his journey, he was attacked by an unknown gang in red who anticipated his arrival. He was later ambushed by Rain, who seemed to know about his identity and his secret quest. He threatened Taven that he will kill both brothers and will claim the 'prize' to himself. After a fight between the two kombatants, Rain escaped.

    Taven discovered that Delia's temple had also been abandoned long ago and was taken over by Sub-Zero's clan; the Lin Kuei. He did manage to find the item he was looking for (which was a suit of armor) in a magically sealed vault door in which only Taven can open it. He noticed that Daegon had retrieved his gift long ago, meaning that his brother was awakened much earlier than him. Taven was then confronted by Sub-Zero who told him that the warriors who had been attacking him were from the Red Dragon Clan and he can find them at Charred Mountain.

    At the entrance of the Red Dragon Clan stronghold, Taven met Fujin, an old ally of his, who warned him that the Red Dragon Clan were not to be underestimated. As Taven infiltrated the base, he finally met Daegon, who looked surprisingly older than him despite being younger than him. Daegon revealed to his brother that he was indeed been awakened many years ago and formed the Red Dragon Clan to hunt Taven down and kill him so that he could claim the prize for himself. Taven was baffled by his brother's words and before he could get some more answers, Daegon disappeared. Taven then found Caro, who was enslaved by Daegon and Taven freed the dragon from its imprisonment.

    Caro confessed Taven that it was partially to blame for Daegon's betrayal saying that long ago, Caro had lost mental contact with Blaze and mistook it as the signal to awaken his brother. However, it was too soon and reviving him early caused an unforeseen effects. It made him unbalanced and was determined to know the true purpose of the quest. After learning that he had been manipulated by his parents, Daegon killed Argus and Delia. Enraged, Taven followed Daegon through a portal leading to Netherrealm.

    He then met Shinnok in Netherrealm, a former Elder God who Taven had an utmost respect of. Shinnok explained that he is an Elder God no longer for his involvement with mortals and was banished to this forsaken place. He asked Taven for assistance to rid of the demons that overtook his sanctuary in which Taven agreed. After defeating the evil horde, Shinnok showed his gratitude by teleporting Taven to Earthrealm, where Daegon was last seen. As Taven teleported away, Daegon came out from behind Shinnok's throne room, revealing the two's allegiance together and their intention to destroy Taven once and for all.

    By the time Taven arrives back in Earthrealm, Quan Chi had badly injured Orin to try and strand the demigod in Earthrealm. Orin holds the portal to Outworld open long enough for Taven to pass through before presumably dying.


    Alternate Outfit
    Alternate Outfit

    Armageddon (Konquest Mode)

    Despite having lost his entire family to his quest (his parents had been killed and his brother driven mad), Taven was determined to complete his journey. He fought many kombatants on his way to the top of the pyramid, where he finally defeated Blaze. Upon Blaze's defeat, the power that burst from him granted Taven full godhood. The excess power flowed into the other kombatants, either killing them, or stripping them of their powers. While the quest did not resolve the instability the realms were experiencing, Taven, as the guardian of Edenia, vowed to prevent Armageddon until a solution could be found.

    Armageddon (Story Mode)

    Upon defeating Blaze, the godlike energy passed through him, granting him full godhood. The remaining energy passed through his armor, into the other kombatants, with the intended purpose of stripping them of their powers. Blaze had, however, been corrupted by the Dragon King long ago. Instead of stripping the kombatants powers and returning stability to the realms, it amplified each of the kombatants powers, making the Armageddon all but inevitable.


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