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  • Antonius Bayle
  • Coalition of Tradefolk Underground
  • Guards of Qeynos
  • Merchants of Qeynos

Opposing Factions

  • Circle of Unseen Hands

Related Quests

  • Tayla Ironforge


After a player wrote some fan fiction about this character, his story caught a certain amount of attention online. It is believed that Sony requested Verant Interactive to remove the character from the game. They obliged...sort of. Tayla was in fact removed from Neriak, but an identical half elf appeared imprisoned in Cabilis. This half elf's name was simply "Half Elf Maiden," but the quest still worked. The quest didn't make a whole lot of sense though, since the middle step still required the player to give one of the dancers in Neriak a jasper to get Ironforge's trinket.

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