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    A kunoichi from The Hidden Sound Village and a member of The Sound Five.

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    Tayuya is one of Orochimaru's Sound Four Ninja. She is foul mouthed and ill tempered yet very powerful. Her only weapon is a flute which she can use to summon three giant demons known as the Doki. Tayuya is also very intelligent and can think up excellent strategies and tactics.

    Tayuya first appears in the Konoha Invasion Arc, in the invasion she along with the rest of the sound four formed a special barrier keeping the third Hokage trapped with Orochimaru in order to stop him from escaping or allowing other people to intefere with the battle. After Orchimaru loses his arms she along with the Sound Four and Orochimaru flee the village.

    Tayuya was next seen in the Sasuke Retrieval Arc where she along with the Sound Four escort and help Sasuke get to Orochimaru. She ends up fighting against Naruto and Shikamaru but was fooled into letting Naruto getting past her.

    In her fight with Shikamaru she summons her Doki which causes Shikamaru to hide and run for most of the fight. Eventully Shikimaru traps her in his shadow neck bind jutsu. Shikamaru begins to choke the life out of Tayuya and get close to winning when Tayuya unleashes her Cused Seal second form countering the attack and trapping Shikamaru in a musical genjutsu. Shikamaru then throws a kunai but misses realising he is unable to move properly.

    Tayuya prepares to finish Shikamaru off with his own Kunai when Shikamaru breaks his own finger using his shadow, the pain then break the genjutsu. He then traps Tayuya in his shadowbind yet again at point blank range. He yet again attempts to stangle her using the shadow neck bind jutsu but Tayuya's brute strength outmatches his strength and she manages to break free from his grasp. Just as he runs out of energy Tayuya once again prepares to finish Shikamaru off but it interupted by Temari who causes the whole forest to be ripped apart sending a tree straight into Tayuya crushing her to death.


    Much later during the Fourth Shinobi World War arc of Part II, Tayuya's DNA is used by Kabuto in his fight against Itachi and Sasuke. Kabuto causes a formation of her head to grow from his body, which proceeds to use sound genjutsu on the brothers and incapacitate them. Itachi and Sasuke then use a combination of Tsukiyomi and standard Sharingan Genjutsu on eachother to break the genjutsu and free themselves.


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