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Taz-Mania follows that of the cartoon and is fairly fun

Taz-Mania is a 2D platformer, and is pretty fun in its own rights. Taz-Mania follows suit of pretty much every other platformer around the time, but as well adds many cool features from the cartoon that it is based upon. In the game you will jump or spin like the Taz Manian devil does to take out enemies.
Taz-Mania plays like all your other 2D platfpormers out there, but isn't completely generic. It takes the concept from the cartoon that ran from 1990-1993 and uses art and most characters from the show. Like most platformers, you can jump kill enemies that lie in your path, find many secrets throughout the level, and come face to face with somewhat difficult challenges. But, as the tazmanian Devil you can also spin around for some time and take out your enemies. Most of your moves or attackes are centered around what the actually Taz can do. You will go through many levels that are distributed over a world map, and are based throughout many different environments providing non repedetive gameplay, but moves become rather stale. As the Tazmanian devil you have a life bar that slowly depletes as you take hits from enemies, and will prosumably happen quite a bit even on the normal level difficulty as this game is fairly hard all around. Taz-Mania will provide a challenge to most platformers out there, and has a few bugs that compensate for some major frustration. But, all in all, Taz-Mania has pretty solid gameplay, and can be easily played by anyone, but becomes rather hard a few levels in, requiring patience and overlooking some of the flaws presented within the game.
Taz-mania was a fairly late game for the Genesis, as it came out in 1996 and didn't look too great for the time, or even played that great for when it came out. But considering the limitations, the game looked damn solid and used the limited Genesis sound chip to somewhat full potenial. Most animations though looking alright, don't seem to be all that great, and isn't really top tier when it comes to design, and especially gameplay. But the game does capture the style of the Taz-Mania cartoon pretty well, and really transcribes the whole Taz-Mania universe.
The sound not being stellar at all, but fitting the game and atmosphere pretty decently. Most sound effects and or sounds in the game come off sounding fairly lazy, but in some cases pretty good. But defenitely not perfect compared to other Genesis comes that came years before, like Sonic the Hedgehog which really pushed the music limits of the Genesis two years in.
Taz-Mania is a pretty good gaming experience, and doesn't feel like any other platformer in the 16 bit era. All though, not the greatest game, it has good quality and fun to it, even though it being a very hard game, that requires quite a bit of time anf frustration to learn the game. It does capture the Taz-Mania universe extremely well, using animation and some music, and most of all the characters from the animated show. I would recommend you play this game, as it is not bad and has very decent gameplay, maybe not the best with some bugs.
Taz-Mania overall is a good challenge and experience to the 2D platformer, and is a pretty unique experience inall compared to many  games on the market ever. Don't stray to far from this game, try it out, but don't expect anything too much or spectacular from the game, as it is pretty much a mediocre 2D platformer.

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