New Internal Emails Paint an Even Uglier Picture of Team Bondi's Work Practices

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#151 Posted by Squeedom (32 posts) -
@ArsenalFan said:

Where there's smoke, there's fire. And people wonder why labor laws exist.

Who? Who wonders why labor laws exist?
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#152 Posted by Nesty1972 (20 posts) -

That is messed up. Is not the line worker that is at fault, is the management. and propably some want to get rich fast guys too.

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#153 Posted by BonOrbitz (2475 posts) -

It boils my blood when I hear stories like this. Treat your employees well you managerial fuckers!

I wonder if this will have any affect on the release of Reefer Madness?

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#154 Edited by imayellowfellow (629 posts) -

i like patrick's prose for these news articles more.

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#156 Edited by HerbieBug (4228 posts) -
@sirdesmond said:

@gothaggis said:

the only way it will ever get fixed is for game developers to unionize, like it or not.

Or for some of this game development studios to grow a conscious and treat their employees well. You would think that this idea would be especially prevalent in the new-agey Web 2.0 world of video game companies (and I'm sure there are some that are great at this), but it seems like more and more companies want something for nothing out of their employees.

It is a widespread issue not only in game development, but creative design as a whole.  Since the 90's and the internet boom, the increasing ease of picking talent out from a much larger pool than previously possible (and ease of using long distance freelancers as well), this has only gotten worse.  The basic issue is this:  this industry is "fun", by working in it you are "privileged", people who hire you are doing you a "big favor", you are in their "debt", you should appreciate what little compensation they offer in exchange and be thankful they don't replace you with any of the thousands of other people chomping at the bit to have your job for even less money, because they could you know, you wouldn't want to lose your dream job now would you?  Now take your pennies, work 48 hours straight without sleep, and accept your layoff like a man when the project is finished (without severance).  
It's a sad state of affairs.  There is no appreciation.  No respect.  New talent in the industry feel they need to take less and less money just to secure opportunities for themselves.  Everyone undercuts each other, companies prey on these people mercilessly.  Everyone suffers.  Dream job.  :(  
*- I should note that I am not involved in the games industry.  I'm a freelance illustrator.  Things might be different with games but I doubt it. 

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