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    A developer of primarily casual games with a physics based twist who occasionally branching out with oddball gems like Jetpack Brontosaurus.

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    Flashbang studios is a casual game developer located in Tempe, Arizona. The company was started by Matthew Wegner and his brother. The company is funded through resell of only casual games. Flashbang Studios started working on casual games using the web browser player called Unity Player. One of the first games that they created was called Splume which is a physic based game where you launch colored balls through each stage to connect 3 of the same color. The other game that they made was called I Hate Clowns, a game where you throw pies at clowns as they bounce around on the screen. The third game that they created was Velocaraptor Safari which has the user driving around in a jeep running over and capturing Raptors. The fourth game that they have finished is called Jetpack Burontasaurus you play as a dinosaur with a jet pack. Their fifth release is titled Minatour China Shop, maybe you want to wreck all of the propery, or you could stay cool and sell objects inside of the shop to other characters. You can choose the playstyle that suites you.
    Blush is Flashbang's seventh title. The player controls a squid under the sea, the goal is too retrieve eggs from the remains of dead sea creatures and return them to a any of the collection points scattered throught the world. Paper Moon was orignally created by Infinite Ammo with the additional manpower from Alec Holowka. The game was then picked up by Flashbang Studios and remade. It was then released Flashbangs online platform, Blurst. Crane Wars, the ninth title (seventh to appear on is based around the concept of building a skyscraper, with a twist that there is also nearby AI controlled crane. The opponents may sometimes attempt to sabotage your construction, but you can do the same to there's.
    Time Donkey is the latest game by Flashbang. It is a standard platformer with a twist, that is you can go back in time with clones of the donkeys. The main goal is too collect as many tacos as possible.

    Flashbangs Studio's orignaly plan was to attempt at developing a game every week that would then be launched on A month or so after the release of Time Donkey, the developers realized that the slow incline of traffic is not going them in the future, now Flashbang Studios is working on a full game of Off Road Velociraptor Safari with an estimated price point of $20,


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