Firewall And Anit-Virus Interfering With TF2

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#1 Posted by Gunslinger (180 posts) -

  I couldn't find any help on the Steam forums, so I thought I'd ask on here.

  I have AVG Free 8.0 and Comodo Firewall. But they're interfering with the server browser on TF2, and it doesn't show any servers at all.

  I read the FAQs on the Steam site, and it said that disabling the firewall is best, but I don't want to risk that, is there any other way I can adjust the settings on Comodo Firewall and AVG 8.0 so that it'll let me go online?

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#2 Posted by xruntime (1980 posts) -

I don't use any firewalls, antivirus, or spyware checkers. Just use your head, mate - or at the very least, get a better virus scanner than AVG (which I've heard bad things about).

I never heard of Comodo Firewall and frankly, unless you're carrying top secret data, Windows Firewall is enough.

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#3 Posted by Yit (938 posts) -

I agree. I use very little protection. It only matters if you're doing large transactions with vast amounts of money.

But, Yeah, you have to take down your firewall / AVG. It's not letting TF2 talk to the internet.

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#4 Posted by DeadlyPain (458 posts) -

Gunslinger - Disable all firewalls/security etc when playing games, your playing a game, you don't need that shit running in the background.

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#5 Posted by Schizoid (1121 posts) -

Disabling your firewall isn't going to immediately get you hacked, trust me. I'm pretty sure you can add programs as exceptions on firewall software, if not, the firewall you're using is terrible.

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#6 Posted by zeus_gb (636 posts) -

Anti-virus shouldn't really effect the game unless it's finds a virus or a false positive.
I would suggest that you add TF2 to the allow list of Comodo and turn off any IP filtering software you have installed such as Peer Guardian 2.

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#7 Posted by Demilich (2648 posts) -

Common sense > the best firewalls.

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#8 Posted by Bucketdeth (8252 posts) -

I use no protection at all and I can`t remember the last time I had a virus, yes it`s not smart at times but I hate anti-virus programs.

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