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#1 Posted by calf_exercises (880 posts) -

ok, with valve being the awesome company they are, this weekend they are letting everyone with steam download and play it for free. At the the end of the weekend you will have to purchase the game to continue playing though.

So I am downloading it at the monment but  it doesnt tell me how much longer it has to go, thats the only feature I would like to see put into steam, Just i little number telling how many more hours untill I can play.

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#2 Posted by albaker (441 posts) -

That's pretty cool, it's like a limited trial then.....

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#3 Posted by DualReaver (3791 posts) -

Yeah Valve does this a lot.
God bless them. :')

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#4 Posted by calf_exercises (880 posts) -
albaker said:
"That's pretty cool, it's like a limited trial then....."

yeah, pretty much
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#5 Posted by inevpatoria (7064 posts) -
I <3 Valve.
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#6 Posted by Manks (862 posts) -
Sir_Ragnarok said:
"I <3 Valve."
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#7 Posted by xruntime (1980 posts) -

I wonder how many people buy the actual game from these free weekends.

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#8 Posted by Absurd (2932 posts) -

already pre-loaded it

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#9 Posted by Solid_SnakeXx (1838 posts) -

how doi download steam?
sorry i m a total noob when it comes to computer games

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#10 Posted by Fr0Br0 (3252 posts) -

This is great :)

Too bad my computer sucks :(

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#11 Posted by calf_exercises (880 posts) -
Solid_SnakeXx said:
"how doi download steam?
sorry i m a total noob when it comes to computer games"
first go here

then click the green button that says: get steam now - free download

then a window will pop up and click run.

steam will then istall and update i think, then you will have to make an account (DW its free)

then once you have registered you are free to download TF2 free!
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#12 Posted by DARKIDO07 (926 posts) -
xruntime said:
"I wonder how many people buy the actual game from these free weekends."
This free weekend not only made me buy the game but it severely made me think of canceling my pre-order for Gears 2 and upgrading my computer so I can play Crysis....damn you Vlave and uber addictive video games. >;(
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#13 Posted by Tordah (2584 posts) -

Unfortunately I didn't hear about this free weekend until friday so I wasted that whole day just downloading the damn thing. Still, I had time to try out the game for 10 hours during saturday and sunday and had tons of fun!

The positive:
I love the graphics and animations for the charachters, they're just hilarious. The sound is pretty good too and fits well in with the cartoonish theme. This was also the first game ever for me with achievements. The first one I got was "Midwife Crisis" and I just started laughing when I read the description later on. Very clever way to reward the player for just playing the game and doing crazy/odd stuff.

The negative:
The maps seemed pretty bland if you ask me. I had most fun on Goldrush and Lumberyard but most servers I joined just seemed to cycle the same 3 Arena maps which got old pretty quick. The spy and sniper classes are also pretty pointless to play when you constantly have 400 ping no matter what server you join, but that's not the game's fault, of course.

Now I'll just have to wait for Valve to release a "The Orange Box 2" with HL: Episode 3 included until I play it again, haha.

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#14 Posted by Demilich (2648 posts) -

The maps are a little bland at this point. The map cycles are due to the server you joined, find another. Your ping is 400 because you played on overseas servers, use the filter to look for servers closest to you.

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#15 Posted by Rowr (5861 posts) -

They are working on some new "less bland" maps. Like mountainous forest or something.

Im to lazy to find the link, just take my word for it. They are aware the desert theme is a bit monotonous.

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#16 Posted by RHCPfan24 (8663 posts) -

I first remember them doing this for Day of Defeat.  Valve is the best.

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