Mann Up Mode - Let's play together!

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#1 Posted by MC_Hify (384 posts) -

I haven't been having much luck completing missions with random teams so I thought I'd post here to see if anyone else is interested in making some runs at the Mann Up Mode of MvM (the kind you need to buy tickets for). If anyone is interested let me know,  It would be great if we could get some 6 duder parties together.  I've got some vouchers I'm ready to use as well. I'm Dr. Spaceman on steam.

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#2 Posted by valrog (3741 posts) -

I'm interested, but I just used my last ticket so it may be a while before I jump back in.

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#3 Posted by EvilAshe (80 posts) -

I've got a ticket and every damn game after a bad wave everyone goes Eniginer and after that inevitably fails people start quitting out. I WILL BEAT YOU ONE DAY!

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#4 Posted by Potts (166 posts) -

I would also be interested in teaming up with some Duders. I've got 4 Tour of Duty tickets just waiting to be redeemed for disappointing loot.

It seems that every match I get into, something goes wrong. Best player drops in wave 5. Spy doesn't seem to know what the sapper is. 3 Heavies, no Scouts. Sniper with no Jarate. Engys with mini-sentries. Scouts that try to mix it up & die every 45 seconds. Medics that are obsessed with healing the Scout. Nobody picking up cash. 3 people ragequit after one failed round.

But the worst of all? I was in the middle of wave 7 last night, with a group that knew well enough what they were doing, when my laptop battery died. Had it plugged in, but I didn't notice it wasn't charging.

Let's get some players who know what they're doing! :D

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#5 Posted by fr0y0 (174 posts) -

@runcrash: @valrog: @EvilAshe: @Potts: (Sorry for "spamming" but as this post is several days old, I'm trying to get everyone's attention)

I've got two tickets and a voucher. Let's make this happen. Add me on Steam if you want:

And if you haven't already, maybe head over to the PC Gaming Hub and join our Steam group!

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#6 Posted by Potts (166 posts) -

@fr0y0: We should try the Engy strategy in this video, just to actually get through some of the tougher maps. I want a strange botkiller weapon, damnit! :D

Loading Video...
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#7 Posted by Mooks (74 posts) -

@valrog: @runcrash: @EvilAshe: @Potts: @fr0y0: Hey y'all i've been in exactly the same situation, pub groups on mann up seem horrible! Best i've done is drag some guys to wave 7 but couldnt get it done! I'm really game for this, my steam addy is add me/msg etc!

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#8 Edited by Potts (166 posts) -

FINALLY Got through Disk Deletion (Decoy 1) on Mann Up with a pub group. God Damn that took me too many tries.

2 Heavies, 1 Engy, 1 Scout, 1 Demoman, and 1 Pyro.

Scout was amazing with the Mad Milk & Fan O'War, Engy put the Dispenser in the best place for the Heavies each round, Pyro was a fiend at airblasting the Bomb Carrying Giants into the ravine, and the Demoman was kind of useful, I guess. :D

I was a Heavy, and let me tell you, when standing right in front of the dispenser, with 75% bullet resistance, I was able to stand up to 2 Giant Heavies & 1 Giant Soldier all shooting at me, with multiple regular sized heavies also targeting me. I will never again badmouth the Mad Milk's usefulness. - Wave 2 is the toughest - those Archer Snipers were a bitch.

So far I've got the 3 "easy" missions out of the way. All that's left is Data Demolition (Decoy,) CPU Slaughter (Coaltown,) and Mech Mutiliation (Mannworks.) Gotten to wave 3 on Mech Mutiliation, but damn that mission is LOOOOOONG. Problem is, I only have 2 Mann Up tickets left, so I will need one more at least.

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#9 Posted by Potts (166 posts) -

@Mooks: Mr. Mooks - I sent you a friend request. You should know it's me by the name.

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#10 Posted by Barrock (3930 posts) -

I absolutely adore this mode but some people are idiots. I discovered Engineer is incredibly lethal last night so I've been playing that a bit. But I'm running into idiots. Earlier we had a team of 5 with 3 Pyros. I guess one of the Pyros eventually decided that was too many as well so what does he do? Switch to Engineer and plant his turret right beside mine. Ugh.

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#11 Posted by rynbeed (148 posts) -

I'm having a blast with this mode. Not super good, but not bad either. Add me and say your from GB and I'll Mann up with you guys.

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#12 Posted by Tha36thchamber (60 posts) -

I just started playing and need some dudes to show me the ropes. I bought one ticket and try it out, I'll by more if I enjoy it and find some people to play with. tha36thchamber on Steam.

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