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    Team Fortress 2

    Game » consists of 12 releases. Released Oct 10, 2007

    The long-awaited sequel to the class-based first-person shooter Team Fortress Classic sports a unique cartoony visual style, more accessible gameplay, and a very large amount of updates and new features since its original release.

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    One of the best multiplayer shooters money can buy 0

    Team Fortress 2 is addicting. While writing this review I want to play it right now. The gameplay is that good. For those who don't know, Team Fortess 2 is a sequel to a mod which came out out way back for Quake 3. It is a class based online multiplayer shooter. You can choose beetween nine different classes, from the speedy Scout to the all-offensive Heavy Weapons Guy. You play across 7 different maps each with their own special mode. With modes like Capture the Flag and Control Points. Team F...

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    Team Fortess 2 0

    After a extremely long wait, almost a decade, Team Fortess 2 was released and it was totally worth the wait.Team Fortess 2 is a class based multiplayer online shooter. This is one of the best online shooters I have played, it is fast paced and easy to learn from but difficult to master while being great fun.The game possess an art style which is similar to the one used in the Pixar film 'The Incredibles' but take note, it is not for kids. Gore and gibbing are the manner of the day but the violen...

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    Rocket Jumping to Victory 2

    First thing noticeable about Team Fortress 2 is the visual art style. Derivation from 1950's and 60's advertising automatically centers this game around the rare category of quirky and unique themed games this generation. Where squad based realistic shooters dominate the market, TF2 is an oasis in this time of need. Don't let the name fool you however, the games Fortresses take a backseat to the classes. There's no shortage of abundance as you take control of nine highly unique classes across t...

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    Class Based Multiplayer is Back. 2

    Graphics 4/5Gameplay 5/5Story 0/5Audio 4.5/5Length 5/5Team Fortress 2 is a Class based multiplayer shooter, sequel to the original Team Fortress Classic.It pits Team RED versus Team BLU in a all out bloodbath.Its available for PC through steam, or PS3/360 with the Orange Box.Being strictly multiplayer, you WILL need a broadband connection to fully enjoy the game.Graphics:Now first of all, Team Fortress 2 isn't a mind blowing realism experience.The Graphics in TF2 Resemble something of a Pixar mo...

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    Team Fortress 2 is the most fun I've had with a multiplayer game! 1

    Team Fortress 2 is one of those games that has been in development hell for a very long time; in fact, it been in development for nearly a whole year. I never really have the chance to play the first game at all so I had no real anticipation for this game whatsoever and all I knew was that it has some team based gameplay in it. Boy was I in for a real treat, this is one of the best team-based shooters ever made, if not, one of the best multiplayer games I have played in a very long time. Allow m...

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    Better than Halo and Counter-Strike. The Best Online FPS Ever. 0

    Valve isn't a stranger to multiplayer based first person shooters. Years ago they released Counter-Strike, possibly one of the most successful PC games ever, and you could argue that Team Fortress 2 is a reskinned CS, but TF2 has so many improvements over Counter-Strike that if you were a fan of CS and you pick up TF2, you will more than likely not wanna ever go back to clunky old Counter-Strike. There are huge differences between CS and TF2 (aside from TF2 being leaps and bounds better than CS)...

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    One of the best multiplayer experiences. Ever. 0

    BackgroundTeam Fortress 2 is a class based multiplayer shooter developed by Valve for quite some time now. Over the development, Team Fortress 2 has switched a bunch of different styles, and ended up with a comical looking game, that satires on the whole FPS genre.The GoodThe game heavily relies on team work. It has wave respawns which encourage the team to work together to achieve a goal. This is good because even if the team does not work cooperatively, they are still spawning together. The ni...

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    The Essential Video Game. 0

    Team Fortress 2's seamless combination of outstanding visual presentation, design and gameplay rank it so far beyond other gaming experiences, the act of not owning this title calls into question your own enthusiasm for the medium itself. The meticulous crafting by Valve is evedent in any portion of the game you inspect, to the point where you expect at any moment a small misguided detail to tarnish the experience -- a moment that never arrives.The nine playable classes in Team Fortress 2 are a...

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    Pixar meets a rocket launcher to the face. 0

    Team Fortress Classic came out about 10 years ago as a mod for Half-Life. It was announced that there would be a squeal to Team Fortress Classic 9 years ago, and today with the Orange Box we finally have it. When you pop in Team Fortress from your Xbox 360 or from your PC the first thing you’ll see is the game’s art style. The game looks awesome! While they aren’t as good as Gears of War or Call of Duty 4 they still look cool, and they don’t need to look cool for them to work really well. Thin...

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    A multiplayer shooter destined to be a classic 0

    Valve has done it again; they have created a masterpiece of a game. The team in Bellevue, Washington has created a truly magnificent multiplayer first-person shooter worthy of the highest accolades for its near perfect balance between its nine distinct classes (of which are the Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy, Engineer, Medic, Sniper, and Spy), its wonderful cartoon-like graphical style, and its outstanding and addicting gameplay. I have spent over 200 hours with the game since its beta lau...

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    Best Multiplayer Experience ever. 1

    What more can i say? I have played the game  for 500+ hours more than any other game i think. The game started good and it is getting even better. Valve unlimited support for a game that cost less than 20 euros keeping the game fresh. 2 major updates has been released and there are 7 more to come. They include new maps, achievements and unlockables weapons. Time will tell if this game become a classic....

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    A comedic look through an FPS 0

    Team Fortress 2 is a game that when you look at it, you wouldn't think it was worth your time. But in reality, it is an amazingly fun game to play. The game is comedic in a sense, and subtle jokes are thrown in with the gameplay, whether it be what a character says, or just the weapons a character uses.ClassesTeam Fortress 2 uses 9 classes in it's gameplay, as a class you have your set weapons, and only those weapons. Weapons will drop when an enemy is killed but can only be used for ammo. Each ...

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    A great experience at a great price 0

    The first thing you’ll notice when you first make contact with Team Fortress 2 is the original graphic style: stylish, with a strong cartoonish feel to it, lots of shading effects and characters that bring to mind the heroes from The Incredibles. In fact, the way in which these characters were created will be one of the reasons of your always playing with a smile on your face, even when your head is blown off by a bullet coming from the other side of the map. In addition, there are delicious iro...

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    Possibly the single best modern PC game- 0

    Team Fortress 2 is the sequel the Mod for the Quake of a similiar name, sans the 2. The game is a first person shooter that is purely online and sets the Cutthrought Red Team against the despicable Blue team. The game features dozens of maps and a variety of gametypes(But doesnt feature any Deathmatch modes?).  The maps are built with pre-assigned gametypes, this makes the maps more balanced and better designed for each gametype. The two most popular gametypes are Capture the Flag and Control po...

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    "Eat it Fatty!" 0

    Well what can I say.Rather than go on about what this game is like and how it is played, I'm going to point out some key reasons why this has quickly become my most favourite game ever.Reason 1: The Art-styleWith obvious influence for 1920s/30s cartoons it looks fantastic. At the same time as looking cartoon'y it also retains a smidgen of realism. I personally love this. It means that when someone blows up you can laugh without being too grossed out or feeling guilty.The attention to detail the ...

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    A game for any gamer 0

    After years of waiting, it has finally arrived.  Team fortress 2 is not your typical multiplayer first person shooters.  It is a class-based team game that requires great team work to defeat another team.  With great offical maps like 2fort and dustbowl, along with great custom maps.  Team Fortress 2 gives players endless replay value.  Now that Valve is starting to add new updates to each of the 9 classes along with new achievements, it is definitely a game for any gamer to check out....

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    All it's cracked up to be! 0

    This is one of those rare treats that comes out every so often. It's quite an amazing game and I'm really glad that it has caught as much attention as it has, because it deserves it.The graphics are great. There's some really well done shadow effects and the art style as a whole is just astounding. The visual style the developers decided to go with really makes the game stand out from the pack. Best of all the game can run on at least minimum settings on most of today's computers. On the downsid...

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    Current Team Game Champ 0

    This game is currently the best game out there for team based action.The game forces you to use teamwork no matter if you're playing in a tournament or just in a pub, there is no way around it and that is the main thing that sets Team Fortress 2 apart from other class-based-team-focused-multiplayer games.Its art style is/will age very well (now if they would just design levels with a few more colors...) the gameplay is constantly advancing due to Valve's consistent class and map updates, and the...

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    Test 0

    Just testing something. m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m mm m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m   m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m  m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m...

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    One great game 0

    With first person shooters are currently overflowing the pot Team fortress 2 is a nice change incenery and has a wide verity of maps. Now the original team fortress or team fortress classic was made back in 1999 and was a mod for the ever loved Half-Life and later team fortress 2 coming out eight years later in 2007.             Now the first thing you will notice about this game is that the visual style is drastically different from any other game to date, it looks like a picsar movie from hea...

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    Team Fortress 2 review by Termite 0

    Game Review: Team Fortress 2The last game in the Orange Box is also the one that gives it the replay value it needs. Valve realized that their Orange Box, while great, has lots of short games in it. To make up for it they put a game in the genre that never dies, Online First Person Shooters.Team Fortress 2's development took a long time, a very long time. It was often compared to Duke Nukem Forever in the way that both of them were highly anticipated, yet constantly pushed back and delayed. The ...

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    An Amazing FPS at a great Price 0

    Team Fortress 2 is the sequel to Team Fortress Classic which is a mod for Half-Life. There are 2 default modes in TF2. Capture the Flag and control points. Capture the flag is pretty much any capture the flag in any game, and control points is where you find your enemys control points and stand on them to slowly capture them. If one team has all control points, they win. Every class is balanced, like the heavy class deals a lot of damage, but is ridiculously slow, and is slower while firing. The...

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    In a world of dull brown shooters, TF2 shines out brilliantly 0

    This review is more of a refelction of a veteran TF2 player than an overview of mechanics. I have been playing TF2 since its original beta as a part of the Orange Box, and there really isn't another game that has kept me so passionate and dedicated. This can mostly be attributed to the game's amazing community and the absolutely ridiculous support by Valve. The game was certainly very fun even in the beta, but it lacked a variety in the maps department.  Now, after 3 years of constant updates (a...

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    (DLC) Another Small, Free, but Impressive TF2 Update. 0

    Valve has continulously updated Team Fortress 2 atleast once every few months since it's launch.  Usually every update adds new weapons for one of the 9 classes and new achievements for that class, a few maps, and maybe a new mode. The thing that's different about this update is that it doesn't offer and new weapons or achievement for any class, hence the name "classless update".              Instead Valve has added a new game mode with three maps for that mode, 1 being new and 2 being olds maps...

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    pretty good if you have real friends. 1

    i say real friends because internet friends are not you're friends, they're people who know they can beat you easily so they keep you close so they can get points off you.  however, lan games are pretty fun.  i used to watch a couple friends play all the time so finally i bit the bullet and just bought the damn game.  i was entertained for about a month.  i put up with all the jabbering and stupidity that is the internet community, and sometimes i had a real good time.  other times, i would be f...

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    A Fantastic Online Shooter Experience 0

    This fantastic game has been continually supported by Valve with free content updates for the past three years. The mutliple classes cater to many different play styles. The casual attitude allows new players to drop in and feel at home, while the refined gameplay mechanics and multitude of tactics at ones's disposal allow veteran players to continually expose themselves to exciting new experiences. The light-hearted, humorous styling of the game and its characters always puts a smile on my face...

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    Team Fortress 2 0

    Team Fortress 2 Review: By WildFirePUBLISHER:      Valve Software And Sierra EntertainmentDEVELOPER:  Valve Software GENRE(S):    First-Person ShooterPLAYERS:     1 - 32ESRB RATING:    M (Mature)RELEASE DATE:    October 9, 2007PLATFORMS:    Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PCRatings From Websites (Site / Critic: Score)AceGamez: 100 / 100 / 100 Gamer UK: 94 / 100 http://www.comp...

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    One of the finest multiplayer experiences available 0

    Team Fortress 2 is one of the five games which were included in the excellent package from Valve, The Orange Box. The multiplayer component of the five, Team Fortress 2 is five stars for it's fantastic gameplay, comedic characters and phenomenal level design. The game's nine classes are very different from each other. So different that each one is like a different game experience entirely.  Scout for the twitch players, Engineer for the more tactical minded, Snipers for, well, snipers. And yet, ...

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    The best game ever 0

    If you're more into having fun than working on your EPIC KD RATIO BRO AW MAN AW MAN then you'll like tf2. This game has nine balanced classes to chose from- you can be a powerful tanklike Heavy, a stealthy backstabbing Spy, or a quick, agile Scout. This game, being a class-based shooter, has all sorts of weapons as well as fun hats to equip to your classes. Also having lots of maps, both from valve, and from creative community members is a plus. Best. Game. Ever....

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    One of The Best Multi-player Games 0

    Team Fortress 2 was in the making for 9 years. And 3 years and 9 class updates later people are still playing it. The game's 60's look has a very stylized look and feel. The 9 classes that are available(Pyro,Scout, Soldier, Heavy, Demoman, Engineer, Spy, Medic and Sniper) all have their strengths and weaknesses. No class is overpowered and all the classes have 2 sets of weapons: Their Default weapons and their update weapons. All the update weapons encourage new styles of play such as the Pyro's...

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    Team Fortress 2- the definative online shooter. 0

    I bought Team Fortress 2 on a 33% off Steam weekend, hoping it would be a bit of fun for AU$20, but instead it has pulled me away from Call of Duty 4 and become my favourite online game. The 9 classes each play completely differently, meaning boredom is very hard to find.Valve are releasing excellent content packs for each class, featuring a bunch of achievements to unlock 3 new weapons, so far Medic and Pyro have been released, with Heavy set to come next.The game runs brilliantly on my 8800GT ...

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    (Mann vs Machine) Delivers the a flawed way. 0

    When Valve finally pulled off the covers to reveal the upcoming release of the Mann vs Machine Update, one of the biggest changes to the standard TF2 formula since it originally launched, I had high hopes that Valve could once again deliver awesome content to the loyal fan base. The idea of 6-player co-op action against the robotic hordes of Gray Mann as he seeks to bring Mann Co. to it's knees sounded downright awesome, and the prospects of not only new maps, enemies, and getting new items, but...

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    (Pyromanina) A solid addition to the Team Fortress 2 family. 0

    For years, loyal Team Fortress 2 fans pondered the day that Valve would finally release the last of the "Meet the..." video that would at last feature the Pyro. On June 24th, 2012, Valve began the 1st day of the three day celebration of the upcoming Pyromania Update, which featured new weapon/item sets for the Sniper (The Urban Professional Pack), Scout (The Public Enemy Pack), Soldier (The Dumpster Diver Pack), and Pyro (Pyromania Pack), a new gameplay mode (Special Delivery CTF), a new map (Do...

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    Team fortress 2 0

    I love teamfortress 2 even though i have never played its predicesore teamfortress calssic.I am a big big big half life fan and tf2 is a perfect example of what vavle can do.tf2 is a very addicting game but i keep thinking what would tf2 be like if it had a campain bahh it doesnt matter their arnt very manny problems with this game It's just its so gosh darn addicting i mean the fact that if you hit someone with a crit rocket they will explode the spys are great and snipers and you gotta love th...

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    Another fantastic addition to the game 0

    The Sniper vs. Spy update is yet another fantastic addition to Team Fortress 2, all for the price of free. It is the largest content update for the game to date, adding six new weapons, four maps (one of which is a community-created map), and nine wearable hats among a bunch of new features and bug fixes. Valve constantly outdoes itself with its major game updates which release every couple months. While other publishers will build a couple maps, put them in a pack and sell them for $9.99, Valve...

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    It's like I'm watching you fly through a windshield! 2

      This is my first review, so my skills may be a little rusty. First off, this game is just awesome from top to bottom. Unlike most games with classes, this one is balanced for the most part. And if it's not, Valve goes ahead and tries to make it balanced with seeming non-stop updates to the game.    In TF2, there is 9 Diffrent classes. The Scout, who runs fast, and can double jump packs an up close punch but very little HP(Hit points) The solider, who packs a rocket launcher, doing pretty good ...

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    Team Fun-tress 2 0

    When I first got the Orange Box, I was only interested in playing Portal and Half life 2.But once I had completed those 2, I decided to venture into the realms of Team Fortress 2.I had no idea what the game was about, all I knew was that it was online only.I got online and after getting my ass handed to me on a silver plater on MULTIPLE occasions, I got the hang of it and started to enjoy myself. I was soon t o find an English server full of fun people who didn't take the game too serious. I had...

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    Excellent game with an emphasis on fun 1

    This game is simple, yet excellent. When everything clicks and you're working with your team to defend the intel or a control point, the experience is intense and you're having plenty of fun. The only downsides, and they are somewhat prominent, are that it can get repetitive after a long session. The gameplay, overall, can be repetitive, particularly if you play on the same map, the same game type, or same class for a long time. You're not supposed to stick to one class, or it will get boring ev...

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    The Game That Keeps on Giving 0

    When it comes to Game developers, Valve, they know their audience; they always want more and for free. At least the PC version of their games follow this model. With Team Fortress two, the amount of content that is packed into the, arguably, most balanced first person shooter multi-player game is staggering. With multiple weapon choices, hats, a crafting menu, and user created maps popping up almost daily, there's no wonder why hundreds of thousands of players log on everyday. The content doesn'...

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    Pixar The Shooter 0

    In Valve's decision of embracing a cell shaded world for the Team Fortress franchise, they've managed to create a spectacular team oriented fps that has the inner workings of a Swiss watch. From the well thought out character designs to the fully realized environments, you're likely to get mileage out of this masterpiece....

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    Action Packed Party 0

    Team Fortress 2 fits for everyone. So yeah, there's a lot of cartoon gore, bodies blow up in a blood filled explosions and it may not be suitable for the lower ages (though you may find 8 year olds playing it and cussing severly), but mainly this game is for everyone. While playing the game, anyone can find his own gameplay style and favorite class, While I prefer Pyro and Medic, you might excell at being a spy, or soldier or any of the classes. As the game offers, the game indeed has unique ga...

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    Best multiplayer game ever 0

    Team fortress 2 is the most perfect game I've ever come across. It does everything right. The gameplay, class balance, graphics, and basically everything else. I shouldn't really be surprised since Valve never disappoints. With the continued support, like the new maps and class packs, I'm definitely going to play this game for a long time. Well at least until Left 4 Dead comes out :P....

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    Most if all of us TF2 players, old or new, have been anticipating this. Finally, after months and months of updates, TF2 has added its final major class achievement and weapon update (that's a mouthful)  New achievements: 8/10  Some of the new achievements are fun grinders, boring grinders, random drag-ons (I'm looking at you, every left 4 dead and l4d2 achievement), and what you have come to expect. nothing outstandingNew weaopns 7/10   This would be lower if it wasn't for the wrangler. General...

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    Amazing. 0

    Team Fortress 2 is possibly the best multiplayer FPS ever made. The first thing you notice when you play is the beautiful cartoon style graphics. Everything seems like it came straight out of a Pixar movie. Character classes (of which there are 9) are all very distinct and have their own funny and quirky personalities. This new humorous tone is carried over into every aspect of the game.TF2's style is the only reason it is amazing though. It's gameplay is incredibly addictive. The game is perfec...

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