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"Eat it Fatty!"

Well what can I say.

Rather than go on about what this game is like and how it is played, I'm going to point out some key reasons why this has quickly become my most favourite game ever.

Reason 1: The Art-style
With obvious influence for 1920s/30s cartoons it looks fantastic. At the same time as looking cartoon'y it also retains a smidgen of realism. I personally love this. It means that when someone blows up you can laugh without being too grossed out or feeling guilty.
The attention to detail the developers have put in is quite amazing. I.e. The fact each character has a distinct body shape, allowing you to know what is coming even when light is minimal.

Reason 2: The Humour
The fact that jumping and firing a rocket at your feet hurls you 20 feet into the air, is enough to put a smile on anyones face. The individual taunts for each character, the "Meet The..." videos, the smart remarks each character comes out with, the announcer: all are aspects about this game that set it apart and above any previous shooter. Games have got too realistic. What happened to good old fashioned fun and humour? Team Fortress 2 has the answer.

Reason 3: The Updates
The new character updates allow to keep the game fresh for Veteran gamers and well as inviting new ones. This makes the game almost timeless and makes the replay value virtually unlimited. Who says they are going to stop after every character has a new set of weapons? I for one, want them to keep going! More game modes, possibly more weapons...

Well, there are 3 reasons why I love this game. You may not feel the same. But, whatever, I don't really care (xD) This is set to be my most favourite game for a long time to come. That is until Team Fortress 3 comes out...

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