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Class Based Multiplayer is Back.

Graphics 4/5
Gameplay 5/5
Story 0/5
Audio 4.5/5
Length 5/5

Team Fortress 2 is a Class based multiplayer shooter, sequel to the original Team Fortress Classic.
It pits Team RED versus Team BLU in a all out bloodbath.
Its available for PC through steam, or PS3/360 with the Orange Box.
Being strictly multiplayer, you WILL need a broadband connection to fully enjoy the game.


Now first of all, Team Fortress 2 isn't a mind blowing realism experience.
The Graphics in TF2 Resemble something of a Pixar movie ( see "the incredibles" for a good comparison ).
Each character has unique facial expressions and styles of clothing, and every map has its own unique Graphical feel.
For all the players with gaming PC's, there is alot of changeable options in the graphic panels, including your standard array of resolution changes, AA and HDR options.
With that being said the game almost exactly looks like a animated movie, and if your a fan of quirky and interesting art styles, this is a game to check out.


If you have played Team Fortress Classic you will feel right at home with this game.
If not, your in for a great class based multiplayer shooter.
The game also runs on a advanced version of Source, the game which half life 2 was built on.
TF2 Hosts 9 playable classes including

Medic, Scout, Demoman, Heavy, Soldier, Engineer, Spy, Pyro and Sniper.

Each class plays differently and is always a contributer to the team. With 9 classes to pick from, your sure to find something that you enjoy playing. Each class has 3 weapons, ranging from a flamethrower to a Needle Gun.
The game makes you feel as if your skills are constantly progressing and getting better, thanks to the ingame score saver. It will remind you if you got close to your current top kills record or even beat it. Thats not all, there are alot of quirky top scores to achieve such as most healing, most backstabs and most headshots.
Valve recently added some achievements, and the more you earn the better weapons you get for certain classes, so the game is always going to feel fresh and enjoyable.
There are 3 modes of play, Capture the Flag where each team trys to steal one anothers intelligence and bring it back to there respective bases. Point capturing is a constant game of attack and defense, Where each team is constantly trying to push the frontlines right into the enemy base.
Mine cart is a mode where one team trys to push a mine cart loaded with explosives into a enemy base to destroy it.


Its not exactly fair to judge a strictly multiplayer game on story, so instead i will review the theme.
Team fortress 2 sports a classic western mixed with some kind of classic adventure movie.
Each character and map has its own unique look and theme.
The heavy is a angry Slavic man, the spy is a classic action agent sneaking around unnoticed.
2fort is a map that has each team fighting each other amongst barns and hay, while Well has the teams fighting in a industrial/train station area.
The art style is amazing in this game, and you simply must see it if you are a fan of unique looking games.


The Audio in Team Fortress 2 is amazing. The screams of your comrades echoing as you shoot explosive rockets at your enemy's is all well done.
Each class has his own witty sayings which are equally funny and unique.
The environment sound effects are also superb and don't sound horrible in anyway.
The weapon sounds can eventually get repetitive, but whether it will annoy you or not completely depends if you like the sound of the weapon.
The game has a couple of Music tracks that play in the menu, which are great music tracks that really suit the theme of the game.


No one can really give a fair judgment to a length of a multiplayer game as it is unpredictable, but i will say Team Fortress 2 is so much fun that this could easily last another 5+ years of hardcore playing.
Valve is always putting out new Maps and Achievements which adds to the games lifespan and that can only mean a plus for the game.

In Summation, Team Fortress 2 is a must for fans of Multilayer Shooting Experiences or Fans of Unique looking Games.

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