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One of the best multiplayer shooters money can buy

Team Fortress 2 is addicting. While writing this review I want to play it right now. The gameplay is that good. For those who don't know, Team Fortess 2 is a sequel to a mod which came out out way back for Quake 3. It is a class based online multiplayer shooter. You can choose beetween nine different classes, from the speedy Scout to the all-offensive Heavy Weapons Guy. You play across 7 different maps each with their own special mode. With modes like Capture the Flag and Control Points.

Team Fortress 2 is a pleasure to look at. With each class and map having a wacky cartoonish look. The graphics are also very detailed. Great water effects, detailed environments and realistic shadowing all crop up if your running on a good computer.The classes themselves are varied and each one has their own back story. The online in this game works quite well without too many lag issues. The matchmaking is done via Steam and is easy and simple to use. TF2 is also quite a good sounding game with some nice music in the menus and good sound effects in game.

There are a wide range of maps on offer here. One of the issues earlier on where there was not a huge selection of maps. Though now this has changed. TF2 currently has 10 maps and a handful of  Arena maps. The maps are soild all round.

None the less Team Fortress 2 is a great experience. With gameplay that may be shallow in places, but still always find a way to bring back from more. You won't enjoy this if you don't work as a team, when using teamwork this game is far more enjoyable. If you want solid multiplayer action look no further than this.

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