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    Tear Grants

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    Tear Grants is one of the main character leads in the game "Tales of the Abyss".

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    Name: Mystearica “Tear” Aura Fend/ Grants

    Age: 16

    Class: Melodist

    Place of Birth: Yulia City, Qliphoth

    Mystearica “Tear” Aura Fend/Grants was born shortly after the destruction of Hod in a hidden land deep within Auldrant known as Yulia City. During the fall of Hod, her mother who at the time was pregnant with her, was saved from certain death by her son Vandeldesca “Van” Grants. As the land was falling Van used a hymn in order to encase them in a forcefield that then guided them to the safety of the . A short time later their mother went into labor but died giving birth to Tear.

    Tear was raised by her brother as well as the mayor of , Theodore. When she was still a child Van decided to leave the safety of to return to the Outer Lands with the promise that he would visit her as much as he could. As she grew into womanhood, her brother sent an Oracle Knight (which he know commanded as a part of the Order of Lorelei) by the name of Major Legretta. Tear was to join the order of Lorelei and Legretta taught Tear how to fight, as well as pushed her to become stronger not just with her training but also with the fonic arts she was leaning. She was a Melodist and a Seventh Fonist which made her quite powerful. She continued her training secretly in the confines of until word of her brothers plans came to her and she left to come to the Outer Lands.

    She found herself first meeting with Grand Maestro Mohs who asked her to find the legendary Seventh Fonstone which she accepted to find, in addition to finding her brother and stopping him. She gets wind of her brothers’ tutelage of Luke fon Fabre and she travels to Baticul in order to confront him. After arriving to the Dukes home, she confronts Van briefly before Luke fon Fabre interferes and strikes her thus causing a “hyperresonance” which transports them both from Baticul to another spot halfway across the sea in the enemy empire of Malkuth. 


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