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    Techno Kitten Adventure

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Sep 06, 2010

    Control a jetpack-equipped kitten over a rainbow background synced with DJ Hixxy's Sea of Love. Techno Kitten Adventure is an Xbox "Indie Game" for 240 MSP, and is also available on iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) for free download.

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    In Techno Kitten Adventure you navigate a kitten by Jetpack, powered on hopes and dreams, through a fantastic world of techno music, featuring Frisco - Sea of Love (DJ Hizzy remix). A new version launched on June 7 including new graphics, eight new kittens, and two new levels. The game was also made available on mobile platforms. Nyan Cat is now a playable character, so get your rainbow on.


    The atmosphere of Techno Kitten Adventure transports the player into a realm of complete happiness born out of the utterly absurd. Its ancillary characters (unicorns, narwhals, bacon) draw upon the tastes of popular culture, while at the same time create a unique bestiary of creatures never before associated with techno music (dolphins in top hats, disembodied feet, cherubim and seraphim.) It should be noted that while the initial charm of these animations are rooted in ridiculousness, all seemingly random graphics have narrative purpose to the level in which they were placed. The distractive animations are triggered by lyrical and melodic queues. For example, in the cloud level, a hand slides into view before a rainbow bursts across the screen when the lyric is "I will reach up high just like a rainbow."

    The soundtrack that is so closely interwoven with the gameplay is comprised of happy hardcore dance music, purposefully chosen by former and current participants in the electronic dance music and rave culture scene. The music, as well as the game as a whole, is a tribute to happiness, colors and good feelings generally associated with the techno genre.

    The character motivation of the "kittehs" are simple; to fly, to dream, to party. This philosophy is reflected even in the menus of the game, where the grammar purposefully reflects the popular acceptance of the syntax and mannerisms of modern day cats. Even the game control is designed to be cat friendly, as single-button does not require opposable thumbs to play the game. Every detail inside the game and its levels has been lovingly crafted to engage the player in the world of the "kittehs," where casual gaming can be about clicking into a burst of pure party happiness whenever the mood strikes. Appropriate for all ages.


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