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Best football game of its time

Yes thats right, 5 stars.  You can argue and you can say my review is not helpful but lets be honest, Tecmo Bowl was the football game to have in the late 80's/early 90's. 
Tecmo Bowl didn't feature any great play modes or anything but you were able to take an NFL team (limited teams selection) and compete against your friends or the computer in a very fun side view football game.  The graphics were not terrible for their time, the sound was average, and the controls were ok but the heart of the game was fun.   
Back then, it wasn't all about graphics, it was about making a game that could be enjoyed over and over and Tecmo Bowl did it with honers.  If there is any football fan that has not played the original Tecmo Bowl, I highly suggest you get your hands on it.  I promise you will enjoy yourself.  In fact, if you have children that are not old enough to understand Madden Football then Tecmo Bowl is actually a great starting spot.  Their are only 4 plays to choose from on offense and defense so the pick up and play ability is very high.

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