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    A mysterious bear who resides in the world of the Midnight Channel. He is searching for who/what he is. His initial persona is Kintoki-Douji.

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    Teddie lives in the 'TV world' and to has resided there "since the beginning". Early on he befriends the player and his investigation team helping them find people stuck in the TV world with his nose. As the story unfolds Teddie's nose gets worse and the team must find clues to give his nose a little help. Eventually Teddie joins the fighting side of the team when Rise Kujikawa takes his place as the analyst, with her investigative Persona Himiko has superior scanning capabilities. Teddie seems to be the only person able to create an exit in the TV world, and when he is in the real world, he is automatically disguised as a human, who emerges from the TV dressed in a suit identical to his real body. Throughout the story, much like his social link, Teddy is seen trying to adapt to the fact that he isn't human, and learning how to be a "real person" anyway.

    Midnight Channel

    Teddie's shadow in the Midnight Channel occurs after the Party defeats Rise's shadow. When it appears the party is going to be killed, Teddy activates his "Last stand" and attempts to sacrifice himself. After this, his shadow appears from behind him, and begins to question his existence. The shadow tries to tell him he too is nought but a mere shadow, and Teddy can't accept this. Predictably, his shadow enrages, and the party are forced to fight and defeat him.


    Teddie is a strong caster in combat. His primary weapons are claws and fists. His primary uses are Ice magic, healing and buffing, making him an exceptionally versatile character. He doesn't quite have the raw power of Yukiko's Salvation, but makes up for it in his ability to buff defense and attack on the entire party. It can be noted that he is one of two characters whose persona keeps a weakness upon evolution, which is unfortunate, as the other character that keeps weaknesses is Yukiko, the alternate healer. His follow-up attack is the "Bear strike" which knocks down and dizzies a single target.

    Social Link

    Teddie Transformed
    Teddie Transformed

    Teddie's social link is one of 3 that goes up automatically as the game progresses, the other two being Fool and Judgement. Teddie's social link is essentially what is written in the overview, with his acceptance and understanding of what he really is.

    After completing the social link, Yu receives the ability to create Helel of the Star Arcana.

    Persona 4 Arena

    In Persona 4 Arena, it is revealed that two months after the murder investigation's end, Teddie is still living with Yosuke and working at Junes. While working his shift, he passes by the TV in the electronics department and senses something odd, as though there's someone in the TV world that he's never sensed before. He dives into the TV to investigate, only to become trapped in a TV world incarnation of Yasogami High School. He also learns that an impostor dubbed "General Teddie" is hosting a cruel fighting tournament involving his friends, and resolves to put a stop to it. However, he also encounters a cute girl that claims to be Yasogami's student council president. Seeing that she can't use a Persona, he chooses to become her "knight" and protect her.

    Move List

    Furious Action

    • Teddie Decoy (B + D): Teddie strikes a pose and blows the opponent away as an unblockable counter. It induces the "Rage" status effect.


    • Bearscrew (236A or B) [SB / AIR]: Teddie spirals towards the opponent with his claw lunged in front of him.
    • Puppeteddie (214A or B) [SB / AIR]: Teddie outstretches his arm while transforming his hand to attack the opponent.
    • Teddivision (236C or D) [SB / P]: Teddie places televisions on the ground for teleportation.
    • Teddie Warp (236C or D) [SB / P]: When televisions placed by Teddie are on the field, this sends Teddie flying out of them.
    • 2D Teddie: (22A or B) [SB]: Teddie flattens himself and lays on the ground.

    SP Skills

    • Tomahawk (236236C or D) [P / AIR]: With the help of Kintoki Douji, Teddie throws a tomahawk missile towards his opponent.

    Awakened SP Skills

    • Circus Bear (214214C or D): Teddie jumps on a large ball and rolls it across the screen as an unblockable attack.

    Instant Kill

    • Kamui Kablooey (222C + D) [P]: Kintoki-Douji crashes on the opponent and is sent flying towards the sky to finally explode in fireworks with the opponent inside Teddie's Persona.


    The Star Arcana
    The Star Arcana
    • In the "Miss" Yasogami cross-dressing pageant, Teddie dresses as the popular character Alice.
    • His English voice actor is Dave Wittenburg and is Japanese voice actor is Kappei Yamaguchi.
    • A stuffed animal version of Teddie's bear form makes a background appearance in Atlus's Catherine, a game developed by the Persona 4 team.

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