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Heihachi Mishima is Dead... Maybe? 0

10 years.  Tekken has been around for 10 years.  Feel old yet?  Well, don't feel bad, because Tekken 5 will remind you of the fun you had in the past.  The fifth (sixth if you count Tag) installment in Namco's blockbuster fighting franchise is excellent in virtually every aspect.  Gone are the adjustments and "features" that made fans turn away from Tekken 4.  It's almost as if Tekken 4 never existed, except for storyline purposes.  If you even remotely like fighting games, Tekken 5 is a mu...

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jake 0

i love the games tekken and im amazing for this gameplease Aqublona in the game aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

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Best in the series, and almost perfect all around. 0

Tekken 5 is easily the best game in this incredible fighting series.  The only element keeping it from true perfection is the lack of online play.  The fighting is truly fantastic, the graphics and sound are absolutely stunning, and Namco has included a plethora of extra features that make this game a hard package to pass up.Fortunately, the designers at Namco were willing to admit that they had made a mistake with the fighting system of Tekken 4, and decided to revert combat in Tekken 5 back to...

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Tekken at its finest 0

Ever since its debut in Japanese arcades in late 1994, the Tekken series has always been one of the most highly regarded 3D Fighting game franchises in recent memory, maybe ever. Especially these days, quality 3D fighting games aren't exactly common, so in that sense Tekken 5 is a breath of fresh air into what some consider a dying gaming genre. In case your not familiar with Tekken, its a one on one 3D fighting game, pitting the most skilled fighters of the world, each with varying fighting sty...

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Tekken 5 Makes Up Entirely For The Disappointing Tekken 4 0

Tekken 4 could've been a much better game, especially considering the fanfare it received during the build up to its Playstation 2. And while it lacked in terms of bringing the series to the next level, it laid the foundations for its far better sequel: enter Tekken 5. If you imagine the best of Tekken 4 mixed in with the better parts of Tekken 3, you're on the right path to what adjustments Namco have made to the latest Tekken release on Playstation 2. It re-introduces old favourites (e.g...

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Tekken 5 sucks ! onother step back to a falling series ! 1

Namco doesnt want to take risks so with every new Tekken you will see the same formula not only for gameplay but also for characters .Characters dont age in this game .The story sucks and the graphics were not that great .It is really boring .Dont buy it if you are not a fan .Stick with MK and leave this game for losers It was realy  a wate for my 20 bucks !...

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Tekken 5 3

Tekken 5 is the 6 game in the Tekken series, trying to follow the events of the “story” so far.  As with the rest of the games that I’ve played or seen from the series it has a central focus on the Mishima family.  In fact it even goes as far as to bring another Mishima into the game, Heihachi’s own father who must be at least 100 years old.  Seriously?  I don’t care how possessed by a Daemon you are, you are still human and you are still going to die after about 90 years of life because the hum...

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Wow 0

  Tekken 5 features a new graphics engine (System 258) which supports vibrant new arenas and incredibly well rendered character models. Tekken 5 came packed with a kicking soundtrack, hundreds of new moves, and over 30 diverse characters with deep move-sets. Of course all your Tekken favorites have been updated with a great variety of new fighting techniques, most of which looking nothing short of incredible (and hurt just as you'd expect). The three new characters introduced this time were: F...

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One of the BEST fighting game franchises ever 0

Ever since the first Tekken on the arcade and PS1, this series has captivated fighting game audiences and spawned a rabid fan base of followers. Tekken 5 was the last Tekken on the PS2, and was easily the best of the series. To sum up this game: A few new characters, a badass new boss, tons of new moves, upgraded, smoother graphics and some pretty awesome throws. The game is decent for beginners that like to mash, but they won't last very long against experienced Tekken players, who will find so...

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tekken rules 0

Wow if you are looking for a good fighter game a must buy game is called tekken 5 is an awesome game. Back in 1994 on an arcade system the first tekken was released and that was a good game. Tekken 5 is the same. No matter if it is for ps2 or arcade man you have played an awesome game. The game has so many fighters to use in the king of fighters tournament 5 with a hard boss to challenge uses a little. The graphical environment is a good way to represent the ps2 graphics system the battle arenas...

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