Did Anyone Like Tekken: Devil Within?

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#1 Posted by Mephiles1990 (34 posts) -

Seriously, I'm asking? Devil Within was an expansion on the classic beat-em-up style Tekken Force minigame in Tekken 4, and possibly 3, I can't really remember. Let me discuss why I can't like it very much, myself. 
Pros:  -A targeting system, which is nice, since Tekken Force was a bit annoying in that regard.  
-A block button, so you don't have to press back when it's difficult to tell where back IS. 
Cons: Useless platforming. This is TEKKEN, not Mario, Namco. It should be about hitting dudes in the face more than jumping from one platform to another. 
-Oversimplified controls. If it weren't for the story, they could've just stuck anyone in Jin's shoes, and it would've been exactly the same. I think this is a result of the jump button and the block button being assigned to triangle and square, really. If they had just assigned them to something like R1 and R2 or something, we could've had all of Jin's combos instead of a button masher of a brawler. 
I hope that this new "Scenario Campaign" Mode of Tekken 6 brings that classic flava back. But that's just me, which is the purpose of this topic. 
What do YOU guys think? About Devil WIthin? About Tekken Force? About both these and the new Campaign Mode?

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#2 Posted by MysteriousBob (6262 posts) -

I think once I completed it I erased all elements of it from my memory. Not bad, but forgettable, I don't know why they bothered.

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#3 Posted by F1 (334 posts) -

I only played it to unlock Devil Jin I think. It was severely mediocre. But it wasn't unbearable. 
This new Scenario Campaign in T6 is pretty good I think, mostly because of the new fight system is more like the actual Tekken 6 gameplay.

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#4 Posted by Scorpinox (87 posts) -

I found it boring,unlike Scenario Mode in Tekken 6.
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#5 Posted by emceechad (23 posts) -

Devil Within was fine, nothing like this piece of shit Scenario mode.

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