I'm playing matches online last night...

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I'm still trying to figure out who I want to play with full time and get good with, so I basically suck for now.  But I did noticed a shit load of Eddy and Christina players out there.  Followed shortly by Jin and Kazuya.  So I guess those are the four most popular characters of the player base? 
Also, I know that's more a knock on my own skills when I complain about an Eddy character doing the same (cheap) combo over and over again, but damn.. it's annoying. 

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If you play on the PS3.. there are far more variation of characters online.   Which is why I switched to PS3.  You will encounter very good, Ling, Yoshimitsu, Baek, Kuma/Panda, Rojer, Nina-Anna.  Sure there are Eddy scrubs out there but for the most part, you will encounter all characters instead of the same ones on the 360.

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