who smell download content?

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 who smell download content?
the costumes and accessories seems alot but really... its jus different color! its like only 3,4 type of shirt but it has multiple color and yet they put as individual sale with its own square. to seems like it has lots of varietie of shirt. the back box says something like "enless customization" something like that but really.... disapointment of inventory amount.
i think they gonna have clothing download content.

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And in English, please?

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lol wut

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Being a master of translating  jaberwocky jargon nonsence I think I can explain.  
Apparently the OP is complaining about the variety (or lack of) the amount of clothes there are in the game for character customization. Apparently he [the OP] read somewhere that the game has limitless character customization and is now sad.  

The OP is now asking ‘who smell DLC’, and to repy to that, I doubt many people do, because we cannot smell digital conent because our technology is not advanced enough. 
On the other side, I do not wish to smell the downloadable content because it must certainly smell bad (especially the clothes - could you imagine smelling the clothes of big sweaty men (or women XD) who have been running arround all kicking eachother in the face? Can't smell that pretty, unless you are the OP or has a fetish for sniffing dirty clothes) 
The OP is obviously insane and this thread should be hijacked for the motherland.



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I concur with OP. The customization is very limited. Each character has a couple different varieties of clothing that just comes in a bunch of different colors/styles. No real option for differentiation. It'd be nice if you could create custom characters like in soul calibur iv (though that's the only thing i'd want them to borrow from that game).

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