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Revenant crashing the party
Revenant crashing the party

Kazuya Mishima and Nina Williams were fighting each other in a contest when an unknown character appeared out of nowhere to begin his plans of world domination. The villain, only known as Revenant, absorbs the power and skills of the best fighters and then uses them against anyone who stands in his way. Kazuya, Nina, and other sympathetic characters old and new realise that the only way to stop this new foe is to work together and obtain (and combine) ancient artifacts from the Acolytes of Body, Knowledge and Spirit. But the quest for those items will be a difficult one, as other characters not under Revenant's control will seek out those artifacts for themselves!


Tekken Mobile's combat system resembles other games of its genre. Characters move on a 2D plane and fight with light, medium and heavy attacks. They each have a deck of ten 'Waza cards' that represents special moves, and these cards could be connected together to form a damaging combo. Fighters also have one of 4 elemental affinities (fire, water, electric, wood), so they deal more damage to certain characters and receive more damage from others. They also enter Rage Mode when they are low on health, meaning that they can temporarily do more damage to their opponent. Some characters can even perform extremely powerful Rage Arts while in Rage Mode.

A player's fighters can become stronger in a variety of ways. Levelling up consists of spending a combination of elemental shards, Soul Stones, and Awakening Stones that correspond to a fighter and their elemental affinity. Players can also give them runes that provide small combat benefits, like more damage for certain Waza cards or more hit points. And players can spend essence to buy more powerful Waza cards for their fighters, and/or build new decks of Waza cards for them to change up what special attacks they can perform.

Character List (sorted by elemental affinity)

Most characters in Tekken Mobile has four iterations separated by rank, appearance, and access to certain Waza cards; a 1-star Paul Phoenix will have a different outfit compared to his stronger 2/3/4-star counterparts. 3-stars-or-higher characters have access to Rage Arts. Only 4-star characters have potential access to 4-star Waza cards, the most damaging iterations of special moves.

Returning Characters





Paul Phoenix

Nina Williams

Kazuya Mishima

Ling Xiaoyu

Marshall Law


Lili de Rochefort

Craig Marduk

Katarina Alves

Christie Monteiro

Steve Fox


Bruce Irvin

Asuka Kazama



Feng Wei

Bob Richards

Jin Kazama

Leo Kliesen

Lee Chaolan

Summer Lili***

Brian Fury



Summer Bob***

ElizaHalloween Dragunov****
Anna Williams

Summer Asuka****


Summer Nina****

*** Asterisks denote characters of limited availability who only use one rank. So for example, Summer Lili only comes with a 3-star rank.

New Characters





Ruby (Biker)

Yue (Martial Artist)

Isaak (Punk)

Tiger Miyagi (Karate Master)

Bo “Rodeo” Montana

With the exception of Rodeo, the other new characters can serve as generic enemies and are then known by their bracketed names (Biker, Martial Artist, Punk, Karate Master). As playable characters, they only come in 1-or-2-star iterations (again, except Rodeo). If these characters are generic enemies, they also have a variety of elemental affinities.

Generic Characters

Tekken Force

Tekken Force Shrike

Marksman of Sirius

These characters can have a variety of elemental affinities.


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