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    Tekken Revolution

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Jun 11, 2013

    Tekken goes back to basics in this free-to-play spin-off of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, exclusive to the PlayStation 3.

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    Tekken Revolution is a free-to-play fighting game developed and released by Namco Bandai for the PlayStation 3 (via PlayStation Network) on June 11, 2013. Based on Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Tekken Revolution features only the series's core game modes (a basic offline Arcade Mode and online matches, both ranked and unranked) and a basic character roster (in which each character can be enhanced by earned skill points).

    As a free-to-play game, the game focuses on microtransactions by requiring players to purchase (or wait for) access to either game modes. Players have two Arcade Coins (refilled every hour) that can be used for Arcade Mode and five Battle Coins (refilled every half-hour) that can be used for Online Modes. Players can also earn Premium Tickets from completing special tasks, which can be used in either game modes (and is given back to players who win an online match while using the Ticket). If players have no basic Coins or Tickets to spare, they can purchase Premium Coins in 4 (for $0.99), 10 (for $1.99), or 30 (for $4.99) increments, each of which can be used for any game mode.



    • Arcade Mode - Standard Single Player Arcade Ladder defeat all opponents to win.
    • Player Match - Friendly 1v1 online match played in a lobby with up to 8 people.
    • Ranked Match - Competive Online matches that allow players to work their way through the ranks.
    • Warm-up Space - Practice mode
    • Character Enchancement - Apply earned skill points to bolster your characters stats.

    Character Enhancements

    As battles are won, players can level up each character using acquired Skill Points. Applying Skill Points need to be bought with Fight Money, which is earned by completing matches and earning Gift Point rewards.

    The three stat categories that Skill Points that can be applied to are as follows:

    • Power - The strength of the character's attacks.
    • Endurance - The amount of vitality the character has.
    • Vigor - Chance of achieving critical hits or entering a "rage" state.

    Ranking System

    How the Ranking System Works:

    • All Players start at "Dan 1" Rank
    • To get promoted you need 6 points to get demoted you need -6
    • If you fight someone at your rank, you can win or lose 2 points to your current rank.
    • If you fight someone +1 or -1 of your rank then you get or lose 1 point.
    • If you fight someone 2 ranks above or below you, you only get or lose .5 points.
    • If you fight anyone more than 2 ranks above or below, you only gain or lose .25 points.

    Full List of Ranks


    • 1st Dan

    Light Blue

    • Disciple
    • Mentor
    • Master
    • Grand Master


    • Brawler
    • Marauder
    • Fighter
    • Berserker


    • Warrior
    • Avenger
    • Duelist
    • Pugilist


    • Vanquisher
    • Destroyer
    • Conqueror
    • Savior


    • Genbu
    • Byakko
    • Seiryu
    • Suzaku


    • Fujin
    • Raijin
    • Yaksa - ( Current Online Ranking Cap)
    • Majin
    • Toshin


    • Emperor
    • Tekken Lord
    • Tekken Emperor


    • Tekken God
    • True Tekken God

    Character Roster

    There are eight starting characters players can choose from when starting the game. New characters can be earned as random unlocks as players earn specific thresholds of "Gift Points" for playing matches.

    Starting Roster

    Unlockable Characters

    Unplayable Arcade Bosses

    Characters Added in Updates

    7/2/13 Update-

    7/16/13 Update-

    8/9/13 Update-

    Update 1.03

    12/19/13 Update-

    Update 1.05

    Unplayable Bosses Added in Updates

    7/16/13 Update-

    8/5/14 Update-

    Free-to-Play Model

    There are four types of currency needed to play matches in Tekken Revolution:

    • Arcade Coins - Used to play Arcade Battle up to two are held at any time they refill after 60 minutes
    • Battle Coins - Used for Ranking or Player battles five are held and they refill every 30 minutes
    • Premium Tickets - Earned through various in-game tasks they can be used for any mode
    • Premium Coins - Bought with real money through Playstation Network and used for any game mode

    Premium Tickets

    Premium Tickets allow a player to play any mode in the game in exchange for one ticket. If the player chooses to use a Premium ticket while battling online against an opponent in either ranked or player matches they will receive a ticket for winning effectively breaking even and allowing repeated use of a ticket as long as the player wins. You can earn premium tickets through various tasks in the game including:

    • Beat Arcade Mode Once
    • Beat Arcade Mode 10 Times
    • Beat Arcade Mode 30 Times
    • Beat Arcade Mode 50 Times
    • Win 5 Matches (Total)
    • Win 10 Matches (Total)
    • Win 30 Matches (Total)
    • Win 50 Matches (Total)
    • Win 100 Matches (Total)
    • Win a match while using a Premium Ticket

    Premium Coins

    Premium Coins work exactly the same as Premium Tickets they can only be consumed when you have run out of the Token you are attempting to use Arcade or Online. If you lose you have the option to use another coin or buy more.

    The coins can be purchased from the PSN store for in bundles of 4 Premium Coins, 10 Premium Coins and 30 Premium Coins.

    • 4 Coins $.99 (~$.25 each)
    • 10 Coins $1.99 (~$.20 each)
    • 30 Coins $4.99 (~$.17 each)

    Gift Point Rewards

    Gift Points are earned through simply playing matches and are awarded alongside any Gold or XP earned in the match. Gift Points are used to unlock gifts as specific tiers of points.

    • 1,000 Gift Points - 1st Random Character Unlock
    • 7,000 Gift Points - 2nd Random Character Unlock
    • 10,000 Gift Points - 100,000 G and 1 Premium Ticket
    • 20,000 Gift Points - 100,000 G and 1 Premium Ticket
    • 30,000 Gift Points - 3rd Random Character Unlock
    • 40,000 Gift Points - 100,000 G and 1 Premium Ticket
    • 50,000 Gift Points - 100,000 G and 1 Premium Ticket
    • 60,000 Gift Points - 4th Random Character Unlock
    • 70,000 Gift Points - 100,000 G
    • 80,000 Gift Points - 100,000 G
    • 90,000 Gift Points - 100,000 G and 5th Random Character Unlock
    • 120,000 Gift Points - 100,000 G and 6th Random Character Unlock

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