Favorite endings?

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has a lot of characters, a lot of arcade mode endings, and a lot of ridiculousness. Which endings are your favorites?

Of the ones I've unlocked so far, I think my favorites are Michelle's (mother/daughter tag team OH SHI--), Dragunov's (Because who hasn't felt the frustrations of assembling parts that don't fit right), and Lili's (because dude, wow).

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Fuck. I forget most of them. Hehachi (spelling?) was pretty good though. Tons of really fun goofy endings I just can't remember anything about that game. Which is sad considering I S-Ranked it.

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Lei Wulongs ending would have to be my favourite, I love that both of them are buddies but they don't pull their punches. Also, the camera switching to that of an actual in-game fight, 'spretty good!

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Michelle's stands out for me, pretty funny.

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[inb4 "Duders still playing this game?"]

Kunimitsu's ending was kinda cool. Also that weird art style in Forest Law's end.

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Surely this is the only correct answer?
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Pretty much the banter in wang's ending.

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Forrest Laws ending is so goddamn good. I also like Bob's (Slim Bob's is also good), and Ganryu's.

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