Location testing vids are popping up!!!

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  Havent finished watching yet. just some stuff i saw
Doing tag assault (where your two characters come on screen and juggle together) kills the recoverable health bar of the off screen character. You wouldnt want to tag assault when your off screen character has a bigger red bar than life. You can still do the "original" tag assualt from the original Tag where you launch someone and tag to let the other character do the juggling, killing the recoverable health bar of the victim.

the increased damage from netsu (the life bar starts blinking red) is amazing for Paul's deathfist.

Bob's CD1 launcher aint launching
Lili's edelweiss (that low sweep kick every non lili player hates) has been nerfed. Will only cause knockdown on counter

New moves for characters
Special tag throw for Armor King and King. Kills recoverable health for victim

The stages look nice and now come with some more complicated layouts

you can hit both characters in the middle of their tags similar to other 2v2 and 3v3 fighting games

This game looks fukking awesome.

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according to tekken zaibatsu

- TTT2 movement is very good like DR/TTT(not unavoidable like BR, lots of top players are very happy about this change!)
- After wall stun only 1 move will connect. example: Raven f+3+4,4,2
will connect, but Lars df+1, db+2,1, f+1+4 don't work anymore
- it's possible to hit both characters when opponent tags out
new move 360 rotation(Alisa kicks her head to opponent)
new move f+3,2(f+4,1 possible after 2 hits)
new move motion unknown(High damaging Double Knee, good as combo ender)
- new move 1+2,3(first hit is tracking move, 2nd hit knock down)
- new move 1,2
bound f+3,4 tech catch 2,1 gone
- d/f+2,1 & ff+3(NO LAUNCH!)
- no wall stun after spinning sweep(FC df4,3)
- new move d/f+2,2,2
- new move b+2,1+2, b+2,3,1+2 gone
- new move d/f+2+3(looks like King shoulder charge)
- new mid launcher d/b+2(launch like qcf+2)
- d/f+3+4 replaced with new move
- f+31 gone(replaced with f+3 roll)
- many new throws!
- mad axes throw gone
Jun Kazama
- 1,2~U or D(12 into sidestep)
- new move b+1+2(low attack)
- new move ff+2,1(nc)
- new move u/f+4,3
- f+4(tracking move)
- d/b+3+4(knock down on CH)
- 2+3+4 Devil transformation
- ss+2 Devil Twister
- ff+2 Devil fist
- TGF~U/F Heaven's Door
- Devil twin pistons is also back!
1+3 grab makes him go to back turned stance
12 no more tracks
new move d/b+3(new mid launcher)
Edelweiss d/b+4 back to DR status(only knockdown on counter)
d/f+1 changed to 15 frame
qcf+2~? on counter it will go to mount position.
Gets Devil Jin wings and Ogre cycle
So many BUFF...Broken according some players!    

ogre is said to be a zafina that is as big as kuma according to guys in korea. what a way to make a return.
only one move could be connected during wall stun as well. that could affect lars' game.
and at last kaz with the twin pistons and finally a mix up woohoo,

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