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horrible graphics gameplay:ok

So yea it is Tekken one!I played this  game as a kid and i have to say that those graphics were ok back then but now....its just funny lookin.I remember the other day me and my friend were playing some Tekken 5 and then we thought to play Tekken 3 and then we gone to Tekken 2 and than we played Tekken one.....we were both lauging so hard because the graphics werent even good for that time.All of the characters (except for ganryu) were sticks ya know?And yoshimitsu?Whats up with the hair dude?!He looks like a freakin hippy!And the stages werent really good so overall the game sucked now but then i would give it 4 stars but now it is 2 and a half !Sorry Namco

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