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    Tela Vasir

    Character » appears in 2 games

    Formidable vanguard Spectre who investigates the disappearance of Liara T'soni.

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    Revealed through the Cerberus Daily News updates on the Mass Effect 2 title screen, she is also known for having investigated into break-ins at the Citadel Council’s Ministry of Finance which lead to arrests of 6 members of a group calling themselves TruthHax, and the death of 4 additional members. Further news credited her with the breaking up of a slave ring on the Salarian Union city of Aegohr on the planet Nasurn. Over 200 alleged slavers were arrested.
    Cerberus Daily News articles that mention Tela Vasir by name are the entries for Feb 4 2010, Feb 17 2010, and July 21 2010.


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