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Hey all, just wanted to have a general discussion about this game. Big spoilers allowed.

I really enjoyed this game! I thought the acting was great and it was a really cool spin on the original concept for Her Story. Not sure which one I like better between the two, Her Story was just so original. I had those gut wrenching feelings that HS gave me in this game when it's revealed that David killed Emma's earlier lover and when the bomb went off at the very end.

I finished for the first time with about half uncovered (like 92 videos). It deduced that I focused on Ava which made sense to me, I thought she was the most sympathetic character but I liked the whole cast. Anyone know how many videos there are in total? I'd really love to see the whole story and also see how the report updates.

What did you all think?

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I'm really let down that...

There aren't any videos after the explosion, there should have been a few, to see how the characters actually feel after David is really dead. Or at least a news report, it's not a satisfying ending at all.

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I really enjoyed the game just like I did "Her story".

My first ending happened after approximately 100 videos, similar to you. I'm at 166 videos now. I think there must be just about 170 - 175 clips? Something like that. I've had the Emma ending first, then Maxine (after 144 unlocked videos). I watched the third Ava ending on youtube. I've got no clue how I might find the rest since I'm not aware of any more leads I could follow up on...

At first the "wind back"-mechanic seemed slightly tedious, but I really didn't mind it anymore as I got into the game. So happy something like this exists. If Barlow manages to iterate on the concept in smart ways like he did here I can probably go for one these types of games every couple of years.

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