Telsia Murphy

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    Telsia's an excellent marksman, security advisor and intimate friend of Lt. Munro.

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    Telsia grew up in the slums and had to get by with what she had, it was only through a mentor she managed to get into Starfleet Academy. She struggled with her studies and dropped out, only to later find herself in the starfleet uniform aboard U.S.S. Voyager when she and the Maquis became trapped together with the crew in the Delta Quadrant.


    Showing great skill in marksmanship and infiltrations, she were given a place in the Hazard Team. She took orders from Alex Munro and they shared a close friendship, even intimate emotions though that wasn't approached further aboard Voyager. Doing her part in the team, the Hazard Team accomplished in getting Voyager back home safely, where she was given official Starfleet rank, ensign.


    After returning to earth, she was reassigned to the U.S.S. Dallas as Chief of Security. It was not long till the ship was attacked and, as only survivor, she was rescued by the Hazard Team that had been reassigned to the Enterprise. Now aboard the Enterprise, she took position as second in command of the team, answering to Munro, Tuvok and Captain Picard.

    Love Interest

    Telsia and Munro giving in to their emotions
    Telsia and Munro giving in to their emotions

    The player could choose to romance Telsia in Elite Force II through a set of dialogue choices. Game would end with Alex admitting his feelings for her, or he would shun her for Kleeya, an Idryll encountered in the campaign.

    Telsia was voiced by Iris Bahr


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