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    A ninja from The Hidden Sand Village. She is the older sister of Gaara and Kankuro, and is quite proficient in using a huge fan as her weapon for long range attacks.

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    Chunin Exam Arc

    We first see Temari entering the Leaf village with Kankuro and Gaara, her 2 siblings.
    In the first round of the preliminaries of the final chunin exam Temari fights against Ten-Ten who she easily defeats and continues to the final against Shikamaru.
    In this fight Shikamaru tries to catch Temari with his shadow possession, she manages to outrun this for a while but in the end Shikamaru's great mind outwits her, however Shikamaru runs out of chakra and he gives up, this leaves Temari as the winner.

    When the invasion of Konoha begins, Temari is forced to help Gaara flee the village. In the anime, when Sasuke begins to pursue them, Temari stays behind in an effort to slow Sasuke down, though he defeats her with little effort. After Gaara is defeated, Temari and Kankuro carry him home.

    Sasuke Retrieval Arc

    The first time we see Temari in this arc is where she comes to the aid of Shikamaru as he fights Tayuya. Shikamaru initially suggests they retreat however Temari has improved and easily overcomes Tayuya.

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