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The Temple of Droga
The Temple of Droga

Temple of Droga is a dangerous dungeon where once you step in, you cannot get out without passing through many of it's twisting caverns. The goblins of the Mountain Death clan reside here beneath the Frontier Mountains, and they do not take kindly to visitors unless they have proven their worth by slaughtering sarnak. The winding, dirty, dark tunnels open up in several places showing the goblin's architectural skills. They have set up a series of tracks for mine carts that come together in a large city built in the fashion of log cabins. Droga is connected through two separate paths to the smaller mines of Nurga, which can be used as a short-sighted escape in times of emergency. Truth be told, there's no quick way out of Droga or Nurga without the aid of a druid or wizard. In the deepest, darkest part of the mines is an area known as Death Hollow where Chief Rokgus commands the goblin horde. Rokgus is known to be a bit crazy, sending groups of goblins to certain death on many occasions in attempt to eliminate the sarnak from the Frontier Mountains. Legend has it that when the goblins first arrived on the continent and had set up their mines, Rokgus witnessed over a hundred of his brethren slaughtered by an unprovoked attack from the sarnak. Rokgus has since devoted himself to revenge. It was his order that sealed off all but one entrance to both Droga and Nurga, making any invasion a glorified trap for goblin slaughter. Many have heard tales of Rokgus' stockpile of treasures including a powerful dagger, a glowing fist, a thorned idol, and one of the rarest items in all of Norrath; the Locket of Escape.

Neighboring Zones


  • Goblins of Mountain Death


Notable NPCs

  • Blood Ritualist Taprom
  • Bone Caller Nathid
  • Bone Caster Fizzik
  • Bone Knight Runri
  • Bone Trooper Grolin
  • Cave Guardian Prehtil
  • Death Ritualist Stromik
  • Digmaster Duggert
  • Dirt Criminal Vakov
  • Dirt Defender Gropp
  • Dust Hoodlum Heaprit
  • Earth Mystic Gedak
  • Earth Seer Gamolk
  • Flame Adept Verdalix
  • Flame Master Japal
  • Ice Adept Amozik
  • Ice Master Cialin
  • Jailor Maufan
  • King Dronan
  • Magic Adept Xabok
  • Moss Knight Yortal
  • Rock Sneak Nrillip
  • Slinker Ukul
  • Stalag Trooper Biamas
  • Stone Crook Piklo
  • Stone Seer Kaigek
  • Whip Cracker Krazzim

Notable Items

  • Arcane Marked Cloak
  • Ardent Necklace
  • Barbaric Leather Leggings
  • Blackened Bracelet of Delight
  • Bloody Mantle of Agony
  • Brilliant Chain Mail
  • Carved Bone Shield
  • Chain Leggings of the Adventurer
  • Cialin's Ice Staff
  • Colossal Maul
  • Copper Hammer of Striking
  • Crown of Goblin Nobles
  • Crude Twisted Belt
  • Devastating Maul
  • Divine Marked Leggings
  • Dreamer's Cowl of Wishing
  • Earring of King Dronan
  • Earring of Magnificence
  • Earring of New Mysteries
  • Elaborate Wicked Vambraces
  • Enchanted Sash of Wonder
  • Faith Totem of the Devoted
  • Feathered Cloak of the Lost
  • Gamolk's Ring of Spirit
  • Glorious Boots
  • Goblin Spear of Dread Tidings
  • Grand Sceptre of Ice
  • Great Sword of Savagery
  • Great Sword of the Bloodsworn
  • Halo of the Martyr
  • Iron Breastplate of the Demented
  • Kingly Boots of Splendor
  • Legendary Dagger of Might
  • Light Chain Vambraces of Deceit
  • Mark of the Victor
  • Massive Spiked War Hammer
  • Monstrous Flamberge of Alacrity
  • Ornate Long Sword of Slaughter
  • Prismatic Necklace of Peace
  • Pristine Tome of Truth
  • Prophetic Writ of the Oracle
  • Prowlers Shadow Cloak
  • Radiant Necklace of Souls
  • Ring of Exalted Freedom
  • Ring of Goblin Ancients
  • Robe of the Visionary
  • Runed Dagger of the Assassin
  • Savage Short Blade
  • Silvery Mask of Bliss
  • Simple Silk Shawl
  • Spiked Knuckles of Brawling
  • Sword of the Bloodsworn
  • Tunic of the First
  • Velvet Lined Boots
  • Vicious War Club

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