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    Tenbu Mega CD Special

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Dec 25, 1992

    A special version of Wolf Team's Tenbu: Sangokushi Seishi strategy sim developed specifically for the Mega CD. New to this edition are FMV clips and a couple of extra campaigns.

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    Tenbu Mega CD Special is an enhanced remake of Tenbu: Sangokushi Seishi (first released on the NEC PC98) that was released on the Japanese Mega CD on Christmas Day 1992. The game is based on Sangokushi, the Japanese name of the famous historical Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and like its PC precedent uses a system of windows to help the player navigate a map, strategy options, and menu settings. Gameplay is functionally similar to Koei's Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

    The game was marketed as a "Special" edition due to the following additions: two new campaigns added to the original game's four, set across different periods during the Three Kingdoms conflict, and a series of FMV clips that introduce both the game and each of the individual scenarios. These FMV clips are sourced from a 1985 Chinese TV show based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms named Zhuge Liang, produced by Hubei TV.


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