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    One of the biggest publishers of free-to-play online games in China, including Dungeon Fighter and ArchAge. Tencent Holdings also owns Riot Games, nearly half of Epic Games, and 5% of Activision Blizzard. Tencent is currently the world's highest-earning video game company.

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    Tencent is currently the world's biggest game company in terms of revenues, earning the most income from video games in 2013.

    There are 4 internal studio groups at Tencent Games in China.

    • TIMI Studio Group, includes the original Timi Studio in Shanghai, the Jade Studio in Shenzhen and the Wolong Studio in Chengdu, China.
    • Lightspeed and Quantum Studio Group, in Shenzhen.
    • Aurora Studio Group, in Shanghai.
    • Morefun Studio Group, in Shenzhen.

    Tencent is perhaps most currently notable for its' increasingly large stable of equity stakes in many of the major players throughout the entire Video game Industry.

    Known Gaming related equity positions currently held by Tencent Holdings as of January 2020:

    CompanyEquity StakeNotable IPDate of Acquisition
    Riot Games100%League of LegendsMajority Stake acquired in 2011, 100% in 2015
    Epic Games40%Fortnite2012
    Activision Blizzard5%Warcraft, Call of Duty2007
    Krafton Game Union (Bluehole Studio)~11.5%PUBG2017
    Ubisoft5%Assassin's Creed2018
    Grinding Gears Games80%Path of Exile2018
    Supercell84.3%Clash of Clans
    Frontier Developments9%Zoo Tycoon2017
    Kakao13.5%Black Desert Online
    Paradox Interactive5%Europa Unversalis2016
    Fatshark36%Warhammer: Vermintide2019
    Sharkmob100%Unknown New IP
    DiscordunknownFreeware VOIP & Messaging2018
    Glu Mobile~21%Kim Kardashian2015
    Platinum GamesunknownBayonetta2020


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