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    Tenchu Z

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Jun 12, 2007

    Tenchu Z is the eighth game in the Tenchu series. It was released for the Xbox 360.

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    Tenchu Z is the eighth addition to the Tenchu franchise, and the largest in the series to date, including 50 missions to complete. The game moves away from the fantasy setting for a more realistic section of feudal japan, dubbed Goda, which is threatend by a nearby rival country, Ogawara.


    Tenchu Z starts fresh with a brand new story, with two character's making return appearances, Rikimaru and Lord Goda. The player assumes the role of the newly recruited ninja in the Azuma clan, serving under Lord Goda. Goda is on the verge of war with Ogawara. The player is tasked with assassinating Ogawara agents, recovering items, rescueing captives, and so forth.


    Tenchu Z includes customizable characters, a variety of items, an in-depth skill system, and a new apparel system. The game includes a variety of missions;  including eliminating all enemies, finding and assassinating a target, disarming bombs in various locations, rescuing hostages, moving through an area, or meeting an informant. A brightness system is present, as was in the previous games. Enemies can detect you by sight, sound, or smell, and will react to footsteps, distant figures, or a player triggering a stink trap.

    A ranking system grades the player based on their total detections, mission time, item usage, stealth kills and total kills. The game ranks the player on a scale of  Ninja 5 (Perfect) to Ninja 1(Terrible). Gold is rewarded based on rank.

    Gold is used to purchase items, clothing, and skills from the shop in your ninja village. The game features a variety of items for the player to use on missions, which can be bought, found, or taken from defeated enemies. Players can fully customize their ninja, from simple decisions, such as gender and hairstyle, and progressing to clothes, sheaths, masks, hats,  and accessory's, almost all of which can be bought. Some must be unlocked throughout the game. A skill system offers upgrades of multiple ranks and applications, ranging from assassination techniques and stealth to mobility, item usage, and open combat.


    Tenchu Z supports up to 4 player co-op over Xbox Live or system link, on any single player map and difficulty.

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