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    Tenebrous Mountains

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    The Tenebrous Mountain range runs through the darkest portion of the dark side of Luclin, Norrath's second moon.

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    One of many coterie camps.
    One of many coterie camps.

    The Tenebrous Mountains is a range of peaks in the darkest region of the moon. That being said, most of the inhabitants of this area use sound rather than sight to find their prey, which means that invisibility and sneaking are almost useless here. The mountains can be reached from the Grimling Forest to the south or from the city of Katta Castellum to the west. The southern cliffs have several caves where the Grimlings have moved into the area. The real threat here is the vampyres, outcasts from Katta, that have multiple outposts and one towering castle in the northeast. They are led by a powerful winged vampyre named Valdanov Zevfeer. The winged vampyre curse has been a problem for the Combine Loyalists ever since settling in this region. The curse does not affect just people though, as evident of the wolves in the area. Some blame the curse on Valdanov due to the belief that in his alchemic experiments, he used the blood of an Akhevan. After escaping Katta Castellum before the guards could discover what he had become, Valdanov established several coteries through the mountains where he can safely continue his experiments using the blood of Luclin's native inhabitants.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Coterie of the Eternal Night
    • The Cral Ligi Clan
    • Eye of Seru
    • Grimlings of the Moor
    • The Grol Baku Clan
    • Hand of Seru
    • Johanius Barleou
    • Katta Castellum Citizens
    • Magus Conlegium
    • Nathyn Illuminious
    • Order of Autarkic Umbrage
    • Valdanov Zevfeer
    • The Vas Ren Clan


    Notable NPCs

    • Ancient Darkwing Bat
    • Emissary Oomgado
    • Gorelaz Verilak
    • Heratius Grolden
    • Hoober
    • Johanius Barleou
    • Renaldok Masric
    • Skyshadow
    • Trilexior Aeridia
    • Valdanov Zevfeer
    • Xenithen Sterbla

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