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Tengo is a blue-skinned hitman from Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. He is known as "One Step Ahead" Tengo due to his habit of being one step ahead of everyone else. His rival is Nearsighted Jeego.

His signature weapon is his sniper rifle. Tengo is always holding his rifle ready to fire, even when he is leaving an apartment or going to answer the phone. While he was waiting for Lynne to arrive in her apartment, he kept on snatching doughnuts from Kamila's doughnut bowl once in a while.

During his introduction, it is revealed that his goal is to become the head of the hitman division. Tengo likes to snipe his targets from dark places. If he is exposed to light, he will move to a more darker place. He considers himself to be skilled enough to shoot his targets even if they are far away from him.

While doing his job, he sometimes muses about his occupation. He calls his musings "Musings of a Hitman". During these times, he reveals that he does not want to waste bullets, since the accounting doesn't like when he has to put extra bullets down as extra expense. His location and income has to stable in order for him to do his job well. Otherwise, small external influences and thinking about unstable income could cause him to miss his target.

When he finds out that Lynne is still in the Junkyard, he goes there to kill her. Sissel manages to get rid off Tengo the same way he did with Jeego; but instead of dropping a wrecking ball, he dropped crates on him. Tengo screams as he is buried under the crates, and he is not seen again in the game after this incident.

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