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    Tenpei Sato

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    Tenpei Sato has an extensive career composing music for Japanese games, having also branched into movies and the music for Sony's Aibo robotic dog.

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    Tenpei Sato is a well known musician who worked for Telenet Japan, Glodia, Birdie Software, and of course Nippon Ichi Software.

    At the age of six Sato was given piano lessons and later at the age of 12 he composed a love song for the guitar. After doing some Musical works at his high school Sato was given the opportunity to get taught by "Geinoh Yamashirogumi" (at that time doing the Soundtrack for the Anime AKIRA) where he studied ethnic music and was learning to program synthesizer.

    In late 1988 Tenpei was hired to work for developer Telenet Japan to assist Shinobu Ogawa. While at Telnet Japan he did work for XZR II, Cyber City and Valis II. At the end of 1989 Sato became an independent musician but continued to write game-related music.

    As of 1998 Tenpei Sato was given the opportunity to do a full Musical Score for the game "Marl Kingdom: The Adventure of the Puppet Princess". Since 2002 and now working for Nippon Ichi software, Sato did many Fantastic Soundtracks for games like La Pucelle: Tactics, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and Phantom Brave.


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